[METHOD] STOP buying accounts! With a smartphone, you can create 50+ daily


How did it go ? Did they get banned ?


Knowledge is the key that unlocks all the profiles :wink:
Thanks for the share!


After creating account you warming them up straight away?


Better add bio and profile pic and let them rest. But that all depends on how good rep accounts you want.


Do you use the same email provider on this accounts? I want to do it very similar, 30-50 Accounts per month


I’ve created a bunch of accounts, let them rest for a couple of days, but now everytime I try to post on them, the posts get deleted immediately. any thoughts?


With new accounts you need mobile proxies. There seems to be no more go around for that.


Use mobile proxies, what application are use to try to get to post ?


Instagram is cracking down on automatic posting, on newer account is way harder, you shouldn’t have much problem on mobile proxy tho


How long after adding the profile to software are you profiling the account and adding photo ?



Couldn’t you create the account on a dedicated number and not even have to use an email, when running through this? Probably make the trust higher as well? Probably testing this, this weekend.

I’m just disabling ipv4 and my ipv6 is changing when checking what’s my up. The link local up is the same but that’s just to my provider. You might look at disabling ipv4 then just doing an ipconfig /release then a ipconfig /renew in the cmd. Ipconfig /all to verify it :slight_smile:

Simple way to create a 4G proxy?

Does this work with Firefox too? When yes, how you change the profile there when there’s is one to change?


Great share !!!


I was able to create the account with just the phone number this way and didn’t think it would be an issues but I was verified twice as I expected to be. I created it on the mobile and when I switched it to the proxy 24 hours later. I really don’t want to pay for a PV when I don’t have to. I’ll see how these accounts are trusted vs others.

Banning when i change the handle

Thanks @Nicknames, how much would cost those new quality accounts that you are creating?
I would like 20 at first and go up in number if everything goes right.

Thanks for you contribution*


Hello bro. I am exciting with your post. But I have a question. Your post mention about create Instagram by email and verify it by email. As I know, sometimes Instagram require verify your account by phone. How can you verify it with one your phone number ? Thank you.


Not really sure if i have understand it right, but you will need multiple sim cards or use cheap online services for verification (ofc the quality of the accounts will go down with these services)


Yes, but you can just make them with emails then just verify your phone when you it’s requested. Mail.com and outlook are the emails along with other you can make mail on. You have to login every 6 months but might just use a VA twice a year. You just tether and reset the phone just like you do to create the accounts on IG. It’s easier this way if you want to do it fast


I was replying to @nhuchon097 :smile::smile:


Huh. didn’t think about hiring a VA for this… I have a large team of VA’s and I always forget that they’ll be more than happy to take on these tasks so they can get paid for it and I don’t have to! Thanks for the reminder! :joy: