๐Ÿš€ [METHOD] Tactics on how to skyrocket the engagement rate of your Instagram account(-s)


Glad it worked out for you :slight_smile:


Tremendously helpful!!!
Im starting to create some disgustingly wrong captions ahahha


Thank you!! Could you share the examples, I think all of us would be interested in seeing that :slight_smile:


Great share as usual :slight_smile:


LMAO you guys are smart ive been starting fights in the comment section of my posts with fake accounts now for years now and never seen someone mention it hahahah


Thank you for the tactics!



this post is now on my collection of post with value. +1


Absolutely love this post, always believed that to get the right answer you gotta give people the wrong one :rofl:


Thanks for the tactics, very informative.


Basically, try to start flame war on comment.


GREAT that works ! I am in the animal niche, I try the โ€œMistake Methodโ€ I just deliberately said the name of another animal in the video, and there in one day hundreds of comments pointing out my mistake! The video goes viral. I will try others strategies from this Thread.

But I have to say THANK YOU @pow , works like a charm

Have a great day


I guess people by nature just loves to be right. Hahaha


For tip #2 (Fights) - how many different accounts and comments do you typically post to get a good fight started? Any other examples?


Cool stuff.
Another tip for creating engagement is to say you will mention something or give an answer in a video story that leads to the main post. But dont mention it in the post.
Make people comment saying youโ€™ve forgotten and also make other people comment to ask the answer.
Double whammy. :wink:


I love the idea of starting a fight with your own accounts! Gonna try this out! Thank you for sharing!


Exactly ! People love to look smart haha :rofl:


its kinda just common sence and you have to know the content your posting about. For example say your posting a video with a soundcloud rapper or someone that sucks with a fake account comment something like โ€œHe sounds better than tupacโ€ people will be quick to argue with that lol


Evidence that this works for big brands alsoโ€ฆ



I agree with you @HereInMyGarage. I am just trying to learn from @pow experience how many different accounts and how many different arguing comments he typically needs to get good organic engagement flowing to the post.