Mother Slave set up - 1cent per follower

I will be short and straight to the point.

  1. I will be using cheap bot made accounts
  2. I will be using residential proxies from packetstream. You can use mobile proxies and split into sessions and reduce the costs further
  3. I wont care to do any warm ups


  1. Each account is made with phone numbers. Each phone number is used 3-4 times. Good numbers from India cost 9.5 rubles on 5sim. The cost per account on an average is about 3 rubles or about 4 cents. If you donot have a bot to create accounts, just use XXX (I believe that we are not allowed to mention other softwares here. But most of you would know the russian bot that is widely used. I am just referring to that. For those who donot know, you may contact me via PM and i will tell you) to create accounts.
  2. Proxies: To follow 10000 users, it would be 1GB or 1$
  3. VPS: 30$
  4. Licence for XXX: 20$

Since it can easily handle 1000+ accounts at a time, I will make my calculation for 500 slaves

Cost to create 500 slaves - 20$
Each account does approximately 300 follows before it is disabled. If you are conservative, then it can do more. Assuming that the follow back ratio is 10%, thats 30 followers. Lets assure that the conversion rate is only 20% from slaves to main (It could be as high as 50%, but i am assuming the worst). That gives us 6 followers per dead slave.

Total follows done by 500 slaves will be 150000. That is 15$

Now total cost for a 2 day cycle is 20$+15$ = 35$

For a month, total cost is 35 x 15 = 525$ + 20$ for licence + 30$ for VPS = 575$

Total followers gained per 2 days = 500x6 = 3000. Total followers in the month = 45000
This can be way higher. Remember, we only took the worst possible converstaion rates!

Would you spend 600$ to gain 45000 followers?!!


There’s lots of stuff missing here. But if you can pull it off. Thats great. Doing no warm up is a recipe for disaster on even manual accounts.

The problem is if you follow 300 and the slave is disabled, you may not get 30 follow back and convert 6 to main before the disable so you are probably overestimating what each slave can convert by a large margin. In my experience, it takes at least a couple days for most conversions. It may be better to slow down the follow and let slaves live longer. You may only get 75000 follows/day but if you can create slaves that cheaply, it’s still not a bad return on investments.

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I agree. Why not take care of the slaves and then have them last longer.

For most 300 follows is 1-3 days. Thats a lot of account’s dying for no reason

The structure of this method is use and throw. So we do not care about the slaves lasting any longer. As long as each one gives as atleast 6 followers, we should be good.
Been doing this for 10months now, the slaves will die ultimately. But not before they do atleast 300 follows. Also, this is not jarvee. The time intervals and the kind of actions to build trust is different. So whatever is true in case of jarvee may or may not hold true here

Lots of things are missing. Agree with @heroeslair I tried this myself. The calculation doesnt involve randomnes that IG can throw at you .

  • With new accounts quality users don’t follow back and can’t have quality traffic.
    why not prefer mass DM over this.
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These kinda do not look like new accounts at first glance. Each of them are filled with followers which is free of cost if we have a few thousand (Even a few hundred if we know how to manage them) solid hand made accounts just for this purpose. Whatever instagram wants to throw at us, our assumption itself is that the accounts will die in 2 days! So no stress!
Mass DMs are not as cost effective

Bro you making it sounds like as easy as ABC.

This method used to be effective when the accounts life span is longer than currently. I knew people were doing this method but they couldn’t keep-up with the ban rate, expenses, clients flow even though they had a software that replace disabled accounts with new one automatically.

Shurn and Burn is not the ideal strategy to build on your child accounts business. It may look easy on papers but in reality you will stumble upon many obstacles.

I appreciate that you recognise that its not easy as ABC. Automation is a very skilled task now. There are two ways about it. However, it is possible. You may send a PM and i will show you the screenshot :slight_smile: Just cannot share the screenshot of another software publicly here I guess

How are you creating slaves that cheaply?

I would rather slow down the process and actions to keep my slaves live longer. Creating 500 accounts every 2 days is soo time-consuming.

Well actually its one click! Its done by a bot!

How? Numbers cost between 8-10 rubles depending on the country. I found that asian and African numbers work best. We can use one number to create multiple accounts, about 3 on average. So the cost comes down