New AC wave for scraping and story viewing?



Since last friday, my accounts started to get instagram’s “Account Compromised”. It happens on scraping accounts mostly after a user info call, follower-following list call, tag and location search call. Anyone having the issue here?


yes same issue for mass story viewing, there was a topic about few days ago. I guess they moved it on Level2…


Yea there are blocks and ACs for mass viewing stories and they hide these topics here for some reason but why…


I don’t know whether to write it in uppercase or lowercase?
Can you not set up level 2 lazy people?
It is 2 weeks of work to do level 2, even in a week you will do it.
Why are topics moved?
Because such a fresh man enters and immediately takes the instructions for making MSV and booom we have a lot of people who do it and instagram blocks this option faster.
Because such people do spam and do not do smart promotion !!
In addition, people from IG enter such forums and look at such topics and have a solution right away because you tell them everything yourself …
Yes, definitely people from IG already have level 3 here.
But it’s better if there is less information on the 1st level because no one wants to give a solution for free, so that a regular fresh man can enter the forum, take instructions, open agencies for $ 20 a month.
And so it breaks the market and causes IG blockades.

Note now people registered 1 day ago because we have TABU topics at different levels and you will not give them a solution.
They will eat you with their philosophy soon.
Sorry, but I won’t write back.
I just wrote the explanation and accept it, because nothing will change here with the levels.
In my opinion, everything should be sharpened even more.
And most topics should be at level 3 or even level 4

See when I registered on the forum and see how much I have already done at that time.
You can do that too, but level 1 users don’t want anything and just give them a solution.


agreed, so many people want a magic pill without moving their finger or chipping in when it comes to finding a solution


If hiding discussions will help something, then ok, im not admin to say what is best to do here. But all the methods available to work are discussed also on other fourms, youtube and social media, simple search on G will get you all you need to know. After f-u died it took one of the best services for viewing a few weeks to translate to english and start actively promoting on everywhere and through their affiliate program and even using ig ads, seems like their only goal is to make as much as possible now because they know it wont last forever. If they ever wanted to keep things more private software access would be on invite or something, and not available for everyone.


They moved it to level 2


The fewer people the better.
If you can’t find yourself in this business and you can’t even do level 2 on the forum.
This business is not for you.


They moved that to L.2, yet it’s relatively easy to rank up and you should aim for that.


Were you scraping for SV or F/UF?


There are people who are botting their way to level 2, but it’s mostly spamming and digging up old threads, this isn’t good for this forum.
I don’t feel like spamming so I guess I’ll have to wait


I feel that - Lots of good posts I get recommended by the forum but they’re so old and I don’t feel like gravedigging a bunch of posts to leave my 2c on them after so much time has passed.


Where’s the magic money making machine hidden? … Asking for a friend :wink::wink::wink::rofl::rofl::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: