[NEW FREE TOOL] I made a website to discover related hashtags with useful metrics to choose the right ones

Hi @everyone, I’m new here and want to share the tool I created with you. After noticing that all other available tools for generating hashtags give quite poor results, I built my own.

Simply enter a hashtag and it will give you hundreds of closely related hashtags with useful metrics such as:

  • Total posts
  • Posts per hour
  • Average likes/comments
  • Minimum likes for the top posts

You can then select them and copy them so you can use them on Instagram.

You can also enter an @account and it will analyze it and show you all the hashtags they’re most using.

And finally, you can check for banned hashtags too.

There are more features and improvements I’m working on. So I’d love to hear your feedback and see if you find it useful.

Thank you!


Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.


I’m impressed. Well done! I love the data you provide for the searches.

Would be interesting to have an option to sort the results by ascending or descending order for your queries: total posts, posts per hr, min likes. Maybe that could be your premium service

For those not wanting to click the link above, here’s a screenshot of some results i searched for:


Awesome tool man! Especially love the posts filter.

Request; could you make it possible to export a table with hashtag - post count?


Thanks for checking it out and thanks for the feedback!

Yes, sorting the results is something I could implement soon. The only issue is because sometimes it can take a while to load all hashtags and they need to be loaded before sorting, but that can and will be fixed soon.

Did you try to search for an account instead of a hashtag? It’s a new feature I just added where you can see the hashtags any specific account is using. Wondering if you’d find that useful or not.

Thank you!


Looks great, love the feature to see how many posts per hour are being added!!

That’s very useful because some hashtags despite having a huge number of photos tagged in can have a very low number of new posts, which means they will bring less traffic as they are semi-dead hashtags.

Great tool!
Thank you


Would love to see a tool that checks an account’s hashtags and lets you know which ones are banned.


I just spent two hours going through my hashtags and building some sets! :joy:

I’ll go double check my manual results against the data from this and I’m actually looking forward to it! Thanks a lot.

I’ll also echo @grown and say an export would be brilliant.


Thanks a lot for the share! Good job. Love it :+1:

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Amazing tool @Dave_Gee, I’ve found it earlier and I was impressed. Easy to use, friendly interface, and accurate data.

The only thing I would add (and is very important) is that I want a bulk selection. Clicking on every hashtag to be added to the list is a game killer for me because is time consuming so if you can implement that, it will be awesome. I will fully recommended :slight_smile:


It seems like a very good tool!

I really like the feature with the minimum likes for the top posts.
This will help with some hashtag research!

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Congratulations on the tool. This is very useful! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Thank you very much man! Glad you liked it :slight_smile:

Question: Did you use the account search to find hashtags a competitor is using? I’m wondering if people would find that useful or not.

And yes, I could add an export option with all the data. @grown @EauDeBo -> Would you like that as a CSV I guess? Can you tell me a bit more about how you would be using that exactly so I can better understand?

Thank you!


Yes, that would be great!

I would be using it to make hashtag lists, which I can then use to pick out the hashtags I want to use for a post. I use the hashtag ladder concept so I would pick a certain % of small, medium and big hashtags, which is easy for me to do when I have a spreadsheet with all hashtags + post count.


Got it @grown, so a CSV export with all data should be good for you. :+1:

Regarding the hashtag ladder, I know everybody (because of a lack of better data) does it based on the number of posts, but I actually recommend you try it based on the number of minimum likes (while also keeping the number of posts between a minimum and maximum).

So if you get on average 200 likes, then you could choose:

  • 30% of hashtags with 200 min likes
  • 30% of hashtags with 300 min likes
  • 30% of hashtags with 500 min likes

The exact figures are made up, but you get the idea.

I have not tested this enough, so would be awesome if you tried it and reported back. I have had some positive results and reports from other people while using this strategy.


Yeah I tried that feature to search an accounts tags. Very handy and useful!

Maybe that is accessible once all the tags of that search reaches X number of tags or once they’re all done?

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Thank you for your feedback! :slight_smile:

This is something I could implement in the future, but keep in mind that the idea here is, contrary to what other similar sites do, to let you choose manually the right hashtags for you.

Some tools simply give you a set of 30 hashtags, but I believe the key is to curate them manually to ensure they are actually relevant to your content and check that the metrics are fine for you.

I am thinking however of a more advanced filter that selects a set of optimal hashtags for you based on your followers and engagement.

Would that work? Or, would you still be interested in a button to “select all”?


Yes, that would be helpful along with a CSV export, that would help a ton

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Blockquote I am thinking however of a more advanced filter that selects a set of optimal hashtags for you based on your followers and engagement.

This would be awesome! Even if it didn’t automatically grab account level info, if you could specify the fields or filter a range, this would be a very helpful qualifier. I agree that account engagement is a better indicator for what hashtags you should be targeting rather than solely relying on post counts (not sure why a lot of people seem to do this).

I like your existing filters as well, it’s an easy view into a niche and a high level competitive analysis to gauge what engagement might look like. Appreciate the work and the share!


oh wow this is incredible

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