No Proxies - Same IP - Multiple Accounts - Possible?


I am running a couple websites that I would like to create IG accounts for (mostly ecommerce but different niches), been reading the forums and it seems like I should be using proxies if I want to create 3+ accounts, however all of those accounts (planning to have 30+) are for my online projects and I would be using proper emails like and they would be in different niches.

Basically my question is if I can save the monthly proxy costs in my case and just set them up from my own IP? I am not planning to go crazy on the settings, just basically use the accounts for social proof, gaining 20-30 followers a day each with MP, occasional offer, clean posts.

What you think? Bad idea? Anyone doing this? I already have 5 under the same IP.


Well, just came across this one: Proxies needed for multiple instagram account?

Guess that answers my own question :pensive:

I have 9 accounts on a single IP for a month or two and I still have them :slight_smile:
That being said, all got phone verification and some got banned in the process.
I managed to get them back, but it’s just risky.

I don’t think it’s worth of risk. If you’re planning to run 30 websites and social profile for each of them, then investing $20-30 in proxies shouldn’t be a problem.

There are people doing it, they might be just lucky though, or not. It is true that in a company for example there are hundreds of accounts on the same ip and they’re all working fine.

But just consider this, if you do a mistake with one, there’s a footprint that can lead to the others, are you willing to throw away all your work for $10-$20 extra / month?

Ultimately it’s up to you, there are pros and cons, you should make the decision :wink: