[SAFE GUIDE] [2019] 🏆 Child Account Warming with Full Browser Experience


Disclaimer: this article is not intended to be absolutely an official guide perfect but an analytical reflection tool and an inspiration method to make the activity of our profiles more human.

Obviously for those who had the experience and want to improve or criticize constructively this article are welcome, in this way we’ll have the opportunity to help together exponentially this community.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to increase the trust score of each profile in this way to dramatically decrease the percentage of ban and disabling by Instagram.

This article will not be totally explained step by step how to copy the techniques and actions, but would like to transmit the conceptual and logical complete thinking for an “human-friendly" warm and grow up.

The most important point, following an in-depth market investigation and reading on various forms, is represented in the final part of the article regarding the use of cookies through the pixels of Facebook and using the tool " Full Browser Experience ".

Requirements :

  1. Jarvee

  2. HQ Accounts created via app on 4g mobile proxy (Creation via duplication on android masked IDs , Buy via Market Place on forums etc…, no mail.ru etc…)

  3. Virgin Proxies per Account ( 1:1, Residential Ipv4/Ipv6, 4G mobile)

  4. Great & Real Sims for verifications ( NO PV via virtual numbers like smscode etc…, expecialy Chinese Numbers because in China instagram is banned )

After Connection at least 12/24 hours of rest mode, we’ll start with all of these operations between 8 am to 12 pm for very human daily usage, with some random rest.


5/25 follows 1st day

Increase of +50 per day until reaches 500 max per day

Sources :

  1. Instagram Suggested (it looks very human)
  2. Users that interacted with profile accounts


2/10 followback 1st day (it looks very human)

Increase of +10 per day until reaches 50 max per day


10/50 unfollow 1st day

Increase of +50 per day until reaches 500 max per day


2/5 likes 1st day

Increase of +2 per day until reaches 25 max per day

Source :

  1. Followings
  2. Hashtag Research


1/2 comment 1st day with spintax

Increase of +1 per day until reaches 5 max per day


1/3 direct 1st day with spintax

Increase of +2 per until it reaches 5 max per day

Source :

  1. New Followers
  2. New Messages

DELETE (it looks very human)

1/2 post per week

2/3 comments per week

1/2 direct messages


1/2 per day until it reaches 5 max per day


1/3 per day until it reaches 5 max per day

Source :

  1. Own Post Comments
  2. Hashtag Research

SAVE POSTS (it looks very human)

1/5 per day

Source :

  1. Specific Users of your niche


10/30 per day until it reaches 70 max per day

Source :

  1. Own Followings
  2. Hashtag Research

Now, the greatest part.

On March 14 2019, Alex Stamos the former Chief Security Officer (CSO) at Facebook , explained that a normal number of visited websites in the last 10 days is one of the biggest factors Facebook uses to differentiate between the real and fake users on Facebook:

“ For example, if the date cookie demonstrates that a browser has been visiting hundreds of sites in the last five minutes, that’s a pretty good indication we are dealing with a computer-controlled device (a bot).

On the flip side, consistent use over several days usually indicates that a browser is legitimate and should be able to access Facebook normally.

While we use this aggregated, statistical information about browsers for security, we thoroughly delete logs generated by the date cookie after 10 days.

People can delete the date cookie and this associated information from their browser at any time.

Of course, the absence of history in the date cookie reduces our ability to determine the legitimacy of a visit to our site, which means we will likely prompt for more information to help keep spammers out.

These controls have been evaluated and validated repeatedly by the Irish Data Protection Commissioner.

So it’s very important make sure to set the tool FULL BROWSER EXPERIENCE to visit between 10 to 20 websites per day.

What does Full Browser Experience do:

So what the tool basically does is that it visits websites from a specific list that you provided and if those websites should have what we call:

  • A Facebook pixel inside them and your account visit their website, it’s added to their list of visitors in their Facebook Ads custom audience and they can use it to re-target your account using Facebook Ads.


  • One of Facebook Social Plugins and your account visit one of these websites, that visit is tracked and added to your dart cookie.

Jarvee Says : “ According to some Jarvee users, doing this helped with the ban rate for their Facebook accounts as the accounts look more normal. In the past, they had to manually do this by opening the embedded browser and visit different websites.

But now, everything can be done automatically through “Full Browser Experience” tool and the best part is you get to manage your time more efficiently ”.

You can add your own websites there and to make sure that they have the pixel, you can use a Google Chrome add-on called “ Facebook Pixel Helper 31 ”.

Once you have it installed, restart your Google Chrome and visit any website and click the little 2 arrows and you will be able to see if it have the pixel inside


Experienced Researches, jarvee.com .


During the next days we left you updates about the full list of website that manages Facebook Pixels and we’ll integrate them per various niches accounts!

If you like this article, or you found it interesting please help me loving this post :slight_smile:

It would be very great full grow to new level.


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Thx for the share. I think this link is a good addition to your post.


Dope, also think the full browser experience is pretty important!
If I may add something to make it appear even more human like on the very first days:

  • dont start following right away, instead go to google search engine and type : site:instagram.com
  • use some chrome extensions called Link grabber
  • grab 500 instagram profile and posts link from search results
  • login in with the accounts using embedded browser
  • go to full browser experiece, paste the grabed links and start the full browser experiece tool

Got this one from bhw, thought it might also help here :slight_smile:


Yes. Jarvee’s blog is awesome.


Nice one! With this integration it will look very human and natural! Thank you man.

Is this the answer to IG HQ Accounts?

I have never used the FBE tool before and was wondering what it was about and if it was worth it to use on my IG accounts. So I have a few questions and ideas on this.

If you only follow or do actions through the “API” would using the FBE even matter? Because the FBE uses the embedded browser correct?


Oh boy that second part was really helpful, thank you so much for sharing all of this! Just goes to show the sharing economy to make each other better is the key to success.


@TradeKozy : thank you for your time to writing this guide. :+1: :smiley: The part about the CSO of Facebook was really interesting and using the FULL BROWSER EXPERIENCE (FBE) seems to make a lot of sense.

As I am a noob :see_no_evil:, I may say something wrong now, so please correct me when I am wrong.

I think there is only one issue that needs to be solved when someone wants to try this approach:

many proxy providers dont allow to visit any other website besides of Instagram.

So in such a case, if someone wants to use the FBE-tool, he needs to ask the provider if the provider can allow access to other websites or he needs to switch the provider, right?

Maybe one question:
what was your experience when you used the FBE-tool, did you face less issues: less PVs, less bans, less blocks…?

Thank you for the info :smiley:


I wondered there is way too access and manipulate the cookie files in Jarvee.

It seems you can import them. So you don’t need visit other websites :ok_hand:

:eyes: @cowboymug


A good option might be to allow FBE without proxies?


Great guide! You gave really valuable information, specially about the full browser experience option. I always keep saying that if you want less bans and blocks your accounts should do their operations just like a normal human. If you want to take it to the next level and you know how to code like me, you can do wonders with a private bot :slight_smile:


I import the cookies of a valid user session from the clients computer when I can for verifying. Most people are logged into IG via desktop, and they naturally collect cookies (datr). When you import those with good proxies, it makes the experience smoother. Still trying to figure out how to fetch them automatically.


This is GOLD thanks for sharing.


Yep I cannot use the 5G mobiles to browse other sites…

The process sounds good thought :+1:


What about the “general rule” of only 50 max actions/per hour? Doesn’t having all these tools working at once break that rule?


This is what I believe, too. From my logic the Instagram app itself doesnt store cookies when youre doing interactions via API.


May I ask how you are handling this manually? :smiley:
You ask your customers to send you their cookies?


Yes. It’s a simple extension and one click after. They copy to a note or word doc and send it. Still working on how to easily get API tokens. That’s much more difficult since most people use iOS.

It’s just what they call it in JARVEE so people don’t get confused.


Its 60 and under and no, it’s per tool and even then it can be 30 per hour or around 50 per day depending.


The thing is jarvee mostly uses api to follow and not the browser…

Is this just a theory or do you have evidence to back it up?