[SAFE GUIDE] [2019] 🏆 Child Account Warming with Full Browser Experience


I think it uses the EB for collecting the “cookies”.

Yeah I understood it the same. But is it true? Is there no use of cookies in the App?

So does this feature even do anything for warming up if you are not doing warmup with EB?


I can’t really speak for JARVEE or their dev team, but the EB doesn’t need to “collect” cookies. Instagram has first party cookies that collect data whenever the browser visits another page. Each website has their own cookies. The Instagram or Facebook ones simply collect data as you visit, so there’s no real need to “collect” cookies from other sites.


And whats the difference between Jarvee cookies and real cookies. I read if you would use real cookies it might cause a problem cause they are somehow bound to devices user agents and ips when you collect them. so if you interchange real cookies between different devices - it may raise flags cause the cookies collected with another device wont fit the new device.



Man, so much to try to explain.

There is no difference between JARVEE cookies and regular ones. There are two buttons both labeled with “cookies”.

The first one on the left is for actual browser cookies. The second one, on the right, is actual API tokens. They just labeled it cookies for reasons.

Cookies can be bound to devices, but they can also be moved or synced. If you download chrome onto a new computer, you can sync it. It will move cookies and passwords etc to the new browser which is a new device with a new OS, screen size etc.

When you import cookies, you are doing much the same thing.


Thanks for taking the time to explain.

I understand it’s like Recovering a phone from backup.

So you get browser cookies from clients and add them to cookies list as they are browser cookies?


No. I get the cookies (when I can) from new clients. I ask them to log into IG and export them using a chrome extension. They send me the file and I import it. Now the EB has the same session cookies etc as their browser.

The FBE is different. It will of course, add to the cookies, but not quite in the way you think. IG/FB cookies collect data from the EB as you visit sites. It doesn’t make a list of cookies like chrome does so there’s no need for other cookies. It’s already collecting the data.


I’m not a dev, and we could all sit here for days talking about cookies, so just read this.


If FBE is visiting sites using EB with:

-> FB pixels registers your browsing.
-> a cookie is collected (you cant see it now cause there is a bug but jarvee support told me collected cookies from FBE you should see, they are stored)


** enough cookies for today for me thx for all the input. Have to read up a little bit on cookies session cookies etc


I have to understand cookies first thats the point!


It’s good to have an understanding, but not really necessary. Other data points are more beneficial.


Once you visit a site with FB/IG pixel, you now have that cookie and it gathers data. Importing the cookies gives the EB “trust”. The cookies now collect data about everything the EB does.


Hello Community,

thank you all for the replies and the opening of discussion.

I’m writing you because we have found another one good tip on Jarvee for reposting tool.


Unique Image Alteration — this will modify the image depending on the level you choose(Low = not noticeable; Medium = hardly noticeable; Hard = slightly noticeable)

Very useful for pixels tracking by Instagram Algorithm :slight_smile:



Actually NO BAN! since Apr 22!

Working with ipv6 proxies one per account :slight_smile:


Is there a way to confirm that pages have been successfully explored through the Full Browser Experience, since there’s no real results page? I’m using MassProxy IPv6 which only allows certain sites, so I’m turning it on to do some Google, Yahoo and YouTube searches. But I’m unsure of how to check if it has successfully looked at those pages, if possible.


Yes you can export cookies they are stored there.


What would I be looking for from that though to know what sites have been visited, or to easily see if the FBE is working?


nojazzfest is a site fbe has visited. if fbe does not work that entry would not be there.


in your case you look for google yahoo youtube entrys


Thanks a lot. Makes perfect sense now. Yep, there are entries for all of them there. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


keyword : Facebook

im here to debunk this. I got a fresh new phone with new service. didn’t visit a single site (but gmail to create a gmail) and IG . Then automated on it right away. (All account actions aggressive)

so for IG this doesn’t apply. but maybe facebook? not sure i doubt it too. Some people use phones dedicated to an app & are real people not bots. (i on the other hand botted right away without any pv / action block)


I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it’s debunked. You might just be lucky that your account wasn’t banned.