[SAFE GUIDE] [2019] 🏆 Child Account Warming with Full Browser Experience


Do this with 20 accounts and see what the average result is. As @damian24 said, trying something out with one account is not even close to being sufficient to claim that something is or isn’t true.

I’ve been testing 10 accounts with and 10 accounts without FBE activity. I’ve found the accounts with FBE activity (as suggested by OP) to have much fewer issues. Less PVs and EVs as well as less likely to be banned. Haven’t been testing for long enough though to say conclusively. Might update in a few weeks with more results. Would like to add more accounts to the test as well.


Hey @TradeKozy thanks for the share!
May i know on how many accounts are you testing it? and what was your PV/ban rate before?

So the best way to do this would be to create lot’s of profiles on jarvee and letting FBE run for days, best 10 based on your numbers, and then add the IG account on that profile with a full cookie experience?
Does this make sense? :thinking:


This is what I plan on trying.


Does the IP from which you get the cookies matter? One thing I’ve been doing to avoid proxy bans is visit a long list of shopping sites with Facebook pixel through my VPS IP (no proxy), let this sit for 24 - 72 hours, and then verify. So far I’ve had very few EVs and no PVs.


@wortime may I have your thoughts on this? I know you know the software very well and you play with cookies.


I saw someone that posted on having the account in “pending” status for the FBE to collect cookies. I don’t know that it works that way. I think the account has to be valid. You can start the tool, sure, but not sure if it works in that manner.

If you are trying to get aged cookies (datr) then you need the browser to work. Why not just open a blank (guest window) on chrome with the editthiscookie extension. Visit pages you would normally visit plus FB/IG (don’t log in, just visit), and then surf the internet like normal whenever you can.

Now you have a bunch of blank cookies you can export.


you can run it and check cookies list then you know


I started the tool and am not seeing anything. If you say it works, then it works.


i am trying right now


nope you can’t check it FBE running and visiting sites but you can’t export cookies if account is pending/not verified. so maybe they are stored maybe they are not


On many account it’s really time consuming, i add many each day.
I tried this yesterday and if you add the proxy to the new profile leaving blank on IG data the browser works, and even the FBE.
I was more wondering if this a smart move or a waste of time.

EDIT to avoid double post

Why would you want to export cookies?


to check if fbe is really collecting cookies


mmm right.

This is not the reason?


you could read the thread too it’s fixed and also explained above :slight_smile:


If you tried it and works. Then it’s smart. If you tried it and doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work.

If every browser is visiting the exact same sites, then it makes no difference. You can copy them to every profile.

Whatever works for you guys.


I did, i may have lost something Kripke, just trying to understand and find a way to do this.


no offense sry for that. The cookies collected via fbe show up now so you can check them and you can import/ export and edit them.


No worries, alright, thanks for clarifying!


@wortime @kripke hope it is ok that I tag you guys, I have a question:
from my understanding the full browser experience should only be used with sites that have a Facebook Pixel installed Right? The Problem is I am using ipv6, which doesn’t have acces to all sites, so I have the fbe set up to do some searches on Google yahoo and YouTube. Does this also help or is it just completely unnecessary? :slight_smile:
Hope you can help!


I can’t say at all if it helps even with Pixel pages. But I guess you are right without the fbpixel it makes less sense. But I also think the fb pixel registering you is just one part. You also add browsing history to EB. And i guess real persons are not browsing with fresh browsers (or IG only browsers) all the time. What you could do is collect pixel cookies the way @wortime suggested (with chrome browserextension) or also get one ipv4 proxy and collect with FBE and then export and import to other accounts. But having the same exact same cookies on 500 accounts may also not be the best thing.