[SAFE GUIDE] [2019] 🏆 Child Account Warming with Full Browser Experience


Thanks for answering, just contacted Jarvee support, I’ll see what they say and update here! I also think that per se having a browing history is better, the question is if FB/IG can see that you have one -> are a real user…

That’s what I also though, I’ll see what can be done…

Oh btw, for all this to work every acc has to be logged in the embedded browser right? In order for FB to correlate the acc and the browser? Or am I worng?


From what Ive thested the accounts have to be enabled/verified when you start fbe the cookies are collected and added to the cookies list of that account.

I also thought about this maybe you also need same user agent that fb can do that idk. Hard to say what they detect. Good luck with jarvee support ! Keep us updated pls


This is exactly what I’m asking myself since this thread was opened.
I always thought that using the API only would help us to stay safe in terms of footprints.

Maybe someone can clarify that again. :slight_smile:


@kripke @fokus will update this thread once I have clarified it with Jarvee :slight_smile:


@fokus I wanted to use it mainly because I hope it could make the EB actions look more „human- like“. I suppose a browser of a real user would collect more and more fb Pixel cookies everytime visiting a fb-pixel site.


Alright, so to update here is what Jarvee said in terms of using FBE with sites without the FB pixel:

“Unfortunately, it won’t help, you need to add websites that have the Facebook pixel inside them.”

Then I asked if it is better to avoid the EB alltogether and after many texts back and forth (sometimes I hate how vague they are with their responses lol, need like 10 texts instead of 1 to get the actual answer…), they said it is better.

So basically, if you are using ipv6 or some other proxy where you can’t access any sites that have a FB pixel, avoid the embedded browser alltogether, both with the account and the fbe!!

@kripke @fokus and especially @mdr07, you probably also wanna see this :slight_smile:



running at time +200 accounts.

get no ban and 15/25% of PV daily for about 14 days with safe settings 500/600 actions per day.

Somedays ago we increase the max actions to 1000/1200 per day and get banned 40 accounts


Best settings on Jarvee to prevent - Follow Block that started out of the blue

I have found 600 actions per day to be the safe upper bound on warmed up accounts in most cases.


I don’t think that proxies matters at this point. If you’ve assigned a proxy to ig acc it will go with it.


hy @Daniel_Bilek , ofc the proxys matter. The background of @intdirjp statement is some proxy providers dont allow visiting all sites and you can’t visit fb pixel sites with them (with FBE). So you could make another account and use your home IP or VPS IP(as you can visit the whole web with them) and collect the cookies with that account.


Oh, my bad, thanks for explanation.


I can’t use FBE on my proxy from @HenryCooper - it only offers IG proxies.

Should I try to import cookies under Social Profiles - Settings, or just ignore FBE?


I thought this might be useful for people who plan on using FBE:



You can get some other proxies on which you can visit sites with facebook pixels. Just use them as “collectors” and import them to your main accounts.

I use Henry’s proxies as well and thought about that too. Sometimes we have to think a bit outside of the box.


top. this is the best way for safe activity.




Why do I need to use other proxies to collect these?
Can’t I just import cookies from a normal session on my own laptop under Social Profiles - Settings?


hy, there is no other proxy needed. you just need an IP from wich you can reach the Pages FBE is visiting. As @wortime suggested you can also collect cookies using a chrome browser extension and add them to the cookies list.


Excuse my lack of understanding, but how would I collect the cookies using chrome and add them to the cookies list?


in the account settings tab (where you enable nightmode) you can import and export the list.