[SAFE GUIDE] [2019] 🏆 Child Account Warming with Full Browser Experience


Thanks bro - I noticed this but I couldn’t find a file of cookies anywhere.
Do I need to export them from Chrome first, and if so how can this be done?


try “export cookies”

i dont use this method as i can visit all pages. you could google “cookie download browser extension”


I used the extension “editmycookie” on chrome.
When I click “export” it simply says “cookies copied to clipboard” - I’m unsure if I should manually copy and paste from here to Jarvee?

If somebody else with a proxy that only allows Insta access solves this problem please post it here :slight_smile:


Amazing! I just started using Jarvee, and now I’m running 2 IG accounts. Thanks for this guide!


Have a nice journey bro ! :cowboy_hat_face:


nice gonna have to do this to some older accounts to hopefully improve the trust score on them. Do you think that when manually creating accounts with a phone it’ll improve the trust score if I visit some pages that use facebook pixel?


are you creating accounts using this guide?