[TEMPORARY CLOSED] no longer available


Email : atozsocials@gmail.com
Skype : atozsocials


Thread approved. Good luck with the sales.

Do you do scrapping and targeting as well or do we have to give you the list of usernames?

Does each client have their own account to send from, or all will go through your ONE account?

Any limitations on what the DMs can and cannot include?

Thanks Adnan for approval.

I can do scrapping but I don’t have filters yet. so for now if you want precise targeting, you can send the USER ID

I use 1000’s of newly created accounts with avatar to send DM. I can send anything except LINK through DM

Can you include @'s or links? Is it targeted?

I can include @ only for now and I can target but don’t have filters yet.

Can you instead of sending DM, share profile?

Do you send one DM to 1M user or send x DMs to an Instagram chat group of 50 people?

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I send dm to 1M user

Service been tested. Worked amazing for me. Atoz is very reliable as well :slight_smile:

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Interested, please pm - I also emailed you.

Interested in this service please pm

are you reselling the service?

Can you elaborate plz?

Temporary closed per seller’s request.