What do you thing of my website design?


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I think it is quite stunning! I love the color scheme.


This is good stuff. I would definitely include pricing in each plan description!


I’ve checked it previously and I receive this: http://prntscr.com/or9ujm and If I press “Take me blah blah blah” - I receive this: http://prntscr.com/or9ush I dunno, maybe my antivirus is crazy but I highly doubted it.


Looks good brah… I like the layout. :ok_hand:


Is this beautiful product Windows only? Or can I use that on my Mac.


That’s a bit disappointing, didn’t know about that, will speak with Bitdefender and ask them why they blacklisted my website!


Windows only, but you can use on VPS :slight_smile:


The site looks great!

few recommendations

  1. Make the Topbar more prominent by adding a darker background to it and make it sticky(so it always remains on the top of the page). It’s crazy the number of people who will bounce because they aren’t able to re-navigate to a certain section quick enough.

  2. after clicking “add to cart” I see it says (view cart) but also think about adding a cart icon in the top toolbar

Must add the following pages in your footer:
• terms of service (easy and free to find on google)
• privacy policy (easy and free to find on google)

Optional extra credit
• contact us page with form directly on it (private message button on the home page should be a clickable leading to the contact us page)



I like the layout


Thanks for the great suggestions! Will take some action on some of these :slight_smile:


Well, I would improve a lot of things. If you need some tips - PM me :smiley:


Private messaged you :slight_smile:


Powered by Astra build with Elementor :smiley:


Is this built on WordPress?


Yup :slight_smile:


Yep, wordpress + astra


Looks really good on mobile! :slight_smile:


Looking good mate


Seems beautifully made but also seems like a shameless plug for your business.

From here he can get your FB/IG Pixels and retarget the fuck out of you since he knows your in his niche.

Still going to give you a honest review:
Video seems well made - would maybe pay on fiverr for a cheap voiceover.
Your payment plans seem good with the free options.
The PDF looks amazing and speaks to the customer in the way that is on their ‘level’

The bad:
You do not show the features over the competitors and do it manually.
The private message on the free plan does not work on my browser (chrome)
Bitdefender (Maybe due to SSL certificate)

Overall Looks good and I hope your software is as good as your web design

Not Hatin’ Just Sayin.