What do you thing of my website design?


Genuinely just asking for feedback, wasn’t trying to plug anything.

Thanks, I think I’ll pay for a voiceover.

Good idea.


Yeah just usually when it comes to the big websites selling software there’s always a box with three collumns and some ticks and crosses of features of competitors and free and paid plans.

It must work well for them so might aswell try it out - out of curiosity does the browser agent load cookies from random websites etc. So it looks like it’s a clean session?


You can visit Spintax referrers before visiting Instagram, so yes it would have different cookies.


I really liked your site.
One suggestion: add the price on the page ‘plans’. Other than that loved it!


I’ll keep the gradient color consistent throughout the site. Other then that it’s an attractive site! Good job!


Nice sales thread.


Thanks, this is something I’m also missing.


Looks good. Nice work. Well done.