What Instagram users are doing?

Hi to all,
I have two questions and I think it’s important to some of us. So:

  1. How many % of instagram users are checking the accounts feed when seeing the picture of that account on own feed? I ask because I want to know how many product pictures I need to delete to have clear feed with only few product pictures. I don’t want to users feel that I want to sell that hard :slight_smile: I posting 4 pictures in niche and 2 product pictures.
  2. What is important in the pc (cpu, memory…) on which is running Mass Planner? It’s better to have high cache cpu with big amount of memory. I ask because my MP are freezing sometimes and working very slow.


TBH, I really don’t know since I never tried selling products on IG.

Depends on how many accounts you run. You’ll need good PC/VPS for more accounts. Instagram accounts do not use much RAM since they (usually) don’t use embedded browser to execute operations, so CPU is more important for IG, but having a lot of RAM and also great CPU won’t harm you :slight_smile:

Thank you very much :slight_smile: