Which course should I use to learn growing on IG? H-Gram or Instagram Mastery 2.0?


I’ve got the courses for free but im time limited and idk whhich one to focus on to learn,.

Should I focus on h gram or instagra mastery 2.0?


H-Gram is pretty bad imo, but then again you can also learn the same quality stuff here on mpsocial without wasting hours of your time listening to guys mindlessly ramble on camera without ever hitting any valid points.

Though I haven’t tried IG Mastery 2, so maybe it’s better…


I would like to know it too. Which one is the best?


H-Gram is pretty much the basics. Nothing that you wouldn’t find here but ok.


I think most of the courses are almost the same… u can learn a lot more on these forums…


THIS. And it’s free.


I’ve been throught every TOP IG course out there, and must agree with the majority here!

  • They are usually directed for begginers, not too experienced SMM fellas.

This list mentions a good ammount of the good ones (and the bad ones too) -

  • Team Avenik - Avenik IG Course
  • Mike Balmaceda -InstaClient Academy
  • Nathan Chan - Instagram Domination 4.0.
  • Jason Stone - InstaPro Academy
  • Josh Ryan - Instagram Mastery Academy
  • Josh Forti / Josue Peña - Instagram Mastery & Monetization (H-GRAM by Alex Becker)
  • Roger & Barry - Instafy
  • Tim Karsliyev - InstaTraffic Mastery

Just hit me up if you want any of this - Althought honestly I prefer the Social Media Market Agencies ones:

  • Robb Quinn - Agency in a Box
  • Dan Henry - 30 Day Agency
  • Iman Gadzhi - 6-Figures SMMA, Influencer Ignited 1 & 2.0
  • Joe Soto - Marketing Agency Academy
  • Tai Lopez - Social Media Market Agency
  • Sam Ovens - Consulting Accelerator 2018, The Consulting Blueprint (Complete)
  • Jason Hornung - 7 Figure Agency Blueprint
  • Gabriel Machuret - The Agency Bootcamp
  • Donovan Williams - Local Agency Mastery
  • Dan Wardrope - The Alternative Facebook Agency
  • Jason Swenk - The Agency Playbook

Note: @azelkane I’m going to check the one from Jarvee (it was on my “Watch later” list)


Hey mate, can you please DM me the download link for the 6 figures SMMA course. Appreciate the help!


Hey mate, can you please DM me the download link for the Iman - 6 Figure SMMA & Influencer Ignited 2.0


@brak_oman & @dukakistejada Indeed, this is the link to 6F SMMA, brothers:

About Influencer Ignited 2.0, we have uploaded it into our back-ups!

-. Proxom


Thanks mate. need password to access


link asks for password?


TNX need the password


Hi mate can you send me he link of Iman Gadzhi - 6-Figures SMMA, Influencer Ignited 2.0,
Sam Ovens - Consulting Accelerator 2018



Will send everything through the DM’s guys - No more leechers accesing our back-ups and sacrificing everything!

Will compensate only the first interested individual that type in a personal message

Let’s see who it will be!



Already DM you mate . waiting for your reply !


Thanks Can I have the password please?


Iman Gadzhi - 6-Figures SMMA, Influencer Ignited 1 & 2.0

I would appreciate the share on this one!



I know Im kinda late but can I also have the password for the dropbox link ?
Thanks Bruh ^^


I’ll jump on since this popped up. I have access to all of those and plenty more, which ones are the best in your opinion? I don’t want to waste hours of my life on bad courses.