Which course should I use to learn growing on IG? H-Gram or Instagram Mastery 2.0?


H-Gram is pretty much the basics. Nothing that you wouldn’t find here but ok.


I think most of the courses are almost the same… u can learn a lot more on these forums…


THIS. And it’s free.


I’ve been throught every TOP IG course out there, and must agree with the majority here!

  • They are usually directed for begginers, not too experienced SMM fellas.

This list mentions a good ammount of the good ones (and the bad ones too) -

  • Team Avenik - Avenik IG Course
  • Mike Balmaceda -InstaClient Academy
  • Nathan Chan - Instagram Domination 4.0.
  • Jason Stone - InstaPro Academy
  • Josh Ryan - Instagram Mastery Academy
  • Josh Forti / Josue Peña - Instagram Mastery & Monetization (H-GRAM by Alex Becker)
  • Roger & Barry - Instafy
  • Tim Karsliyev - InstaTraffic Mastery

Just hit me up if you want any of this - Althought honestly I prefer the Social Media Market Agencies ones:

  • Robb Quinn - Agency in a Box
  • Dan Henry - 30 Day Agency
  • Iman Gadzhi - 6-Figures SMMA, Influencer Ignited 1 & 2.0
  • Joe Soto - Marketing Agency Academy
  • Tai Lopez - Social Media Market Agency
  • Sam Ovens - Consulting Accelerator 2018, The Consulting Blueprint (Complete)
  • Jason Hornung - 7 Figure Agency Blueprint
  • Gabriel Machuret - The Agency Bootcamp
  • Donovan Williams - Local Agency Mastery
  • Dan Wardrope - The Alternative Facebook Agency
  • Jason Swenk - The Agency Playbook

Note: @azelkane I’m going to check the one from Jarvee (it was on my “Watch later” list)


Hey mate, can you please DM me the download link for the 6 figures SMMA course. Appreciate the help!


Hey mate, can you please DM me the download link for the Iman - 6 Figure SMMA & Influencer Ignited 2.0


@brak_oman & @dukakistejada Indeed, this is the link to 6F SMMA, brothers:

About Influencer Ignited 2.0, currently, don’t find it in my back-ups, but will be checking it to upload again pretty soon!

-. Proxom


Thanks mate. need password to access


link asks for password?


TNX need the password


Hi mate can you send me he link of Iman Gadzhi - 6-Figures SMMA, Influencer Ignited 2.0,
Sam Ovens - Consulting Accelerator 2018



Will send everything through the DM’s guys - No more leechers accesing our back-ups and sacrificing everything!

Will compensate only the first interested individual that type in a personal message

Let’s see who it will be!



Already DM you mate . waiting for your reply !


Thanks Can I have the password please?


Iman Gadzhi - 6-Figures SMMA, Influencer Ignited 1 & 2.0

I would appreciate the share on this one!



I know Im kinda late but can I also have the password for the dropbox link ?
Thanks Bruh ^^


I’ll jump on since this popped up. I have access to all of those and plenty more, which ones are the best in your opinion? I don’t want to waste hours of my life on bad courses.


I would also like to have the password for the dropbox link if possible? Thank you!


Sorry, mate I am late but could you please send me the password for the dripbox link?:smiley:


Is there any really worth watching one?