Which course should I use to learn growing on IG? H-Gram or Instagram Mastery 2.0?


I would also like to have the password for the dropbox link if possible? Thank you!


Sorry, mate I am late but could you please send me the password for the dripbox link?:smiley:


Is there any really worth watching one?


Hey :smiley: can you please DM me the download link for the Iman - 6 Figure SMMA & Influencer Ignited 2.0 ? I’m new here and would appreciate that so much :heart_eyes:


Is it too late to access the link to Six Figure SMMA? Name your price if not for free.


Guys really just forget this courses. Spend your whole day in this forum, reading, learning and giving everything you know to the more unexperienced people here. Work your way to Level 2 thats all what you need. I put in the effort and it took me less then 40 days, but an overall read time of 4 days. In Level 2 you find the real shit and you will never ask for courses again in your life.


True. But it always feels like these courses contain hidden tricks, tips, game-changers, etc.


Thats why I once asked if there are some really special ones out there with really good value. But the reality is that this courses are designed for beginners and people who want to be spoonfeeded. Im sure there are a lot of people who benefit from them and take action afterwards, but based on the group of people who are targeted with these courses its a fact that a big part of the courses is repetitive information. We have to value our time and it does not make sense to listen to the same stuff over and over again. Moreover this courses core element is the the motivation aspect. I’m a personal trainer and when I learned one thing over the years of practice with clients it is not the lack of INFORMATION is the issue but the lack of TAKING ACTION.


As much as I like Iman’s style and flair…I definitely can agree with you.


Hey mna, could you share the Iman Gadzhi Courses? :slight_smile:
Thank you!!


Totally agree with you, gotta be grateful it is like that though, otherwise this would really be oversaturated, but since most people don’t actually take action and test,test,TEST, and finally give up, it isn’t :slight_smile:


Haha it really seems like lvl2 is a must lol…
Is it really that crazy? I mean I just joined MP social, been for a long time on BHW and another big forum… Is the info there really different to the ones in other forums, I mean kinda can’t imagine that lolz :slight_smile:


@Proxomytian Hey man! I there still a possibility to get the password for Iman Gadzhi - 6-Figures SMMA, Influencer Ignited 2.0 ? Highly appreciate you are sharing this ! Have a wonderful day!


Hello. Is there still a possibility to get download and password for Iman Gadzhi - 6-Figures SMMA, Influencer Ignited 2.0 ? Many thanks in advance!


can’t wait to get to level 2 to be enriched!



Hey mate I am interested with imam gadzhi smm course and Joe Sotos Marketing Agency AcDemy course it would great help if you can give me the access to both the courses :slight_smile:

Mihir :slight_smile:


Hey friend, i really would appreciate if you could send me the password for this course. Thanks a lot mate :slight_smile:



You able to send the link to Dan Wardrope - The Alternative Facebook Agency?

Cheers in advance


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:zap: Replied to everyone in the DM’s :zap:

Yes, we have it uploaded, my friend. See you at the DM?