Which course should I use to learn growing on IG? H-Gram or Instagram Mastery 2.0?


How do you even DM on mp social?


Level 2 has everything you need folks not those outdated crap


@Proxomytian hello mate, can I get the access to Iman gadzhi six figure smma course too? Thanks in advance


@Proxomytian I know you asked for DM but I can’t private message for some reason. Could you give me access for the 6 figure SMMA 2.0 please


Hi Mate - any chance you could share the Dan Wardrope course with me please? Cheers.


Hey @Proxomytian
Do you still have Tai Lopez, Iman Gadzhi and Sam Ovens SMMA courses ?
I saw that you shared a link here but its password protected, thanks in advance!!!


@Stevon_Gruvel Replied in the DM :wave:


Read here and Use your brain I think it will work :innocent:


same!! I wonder how long it takes?


I tried to DM you but I don’t think I can until my account is a higher level or something? Is there another way you could send the password would be very grateful?


This thread explains how to reach level 2 @ammm1
When you are there you get access to
all the real money printing tutorials :wink:


Own the Gram by Nick Malak.


I don’t understand why you are asking for courses when you are a member in this forum. It’s like you were eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden while mountains of bank notes were lying around you.


people always undervalue free resources


Yeahh xDD he doesn’t know but these guys learn from here (Forums). After they learn minimum they called themselfs “Instagram Gurus” with template scripts just to sell courses or affiliated programs… (no hate intended)

Not eveyone but 90% is bs gurus


Thanks for that. So this is a forum where people share ideas and strategies with regards to growing social accounts and businesses etc? Am I right? Also what is so good about Level 2. I have just achieved level 1. What will level 2 allow you access to that will be so much better for you? Please explain thanks.


Anyone looking for IG Bosses course, here you go.


Enjoy everyone :slight_smile: !


Hello @Proxomytian,

Thanks for sharing. I am also interested in Social Media Agency courses. Can i have access to above courses too ?

Thanks again and best regards .


How do I DM you? Can I get the password as well?!


i’m interested too :slight_smile: