Which course should I use to learn growing on IG? H-Gram or Instagram Mastery 2.0?


Hey can you DM the code for the SMMA 6 figure course?


Hey @Proxomytian,
I know it is kinda late but would you kindly share the Iman Gadzhi and Sam Ovens SMMA courses?
Your help would tremendously help me! Really appreciate it mate! Thank you in advance! :blush:


I once got access to the Iman Gadzhi course. I didn’t like it, there seemed to be a lot of fluff


there are sites where you can pirate them and my friend says he has literally only ever found one gold nugget after looking though all of them and it was about hashtags, everything else i would suggest reading through the forums, they teach you more about personal branding than actually growing an instagram honestly


six fig smma is butcheeks, 30 day smma by jovan and quin was good that or some of the ben adkins stuff imans shit is pretty outdated an dhe preaches doing cold calls, but he has never made a cold call in his life and paid someone else to do cold calls after he had enough revenue to do so


the consulting accelerator is really good, he teaches you more to be a consultant (not really a social media marketer) and thats what makes it great, along with this and his like 6 hours of teaching you how to run facebook ads and mindset is top notch


I have Iman’s SMMA course right now. It is more about learning the system/processes to conduct the business, rather than specifically growing an Instagram account. He had his own way of getting clients (cold emails and Instagram/Facebook DMs leveraged with personal brand), but just teaches the various methods just to showcase the options. As far as paying someone else, that’s just a matter of freelancer vs CEO.

His Instagram growth methods are covered in Influencer Ignited, but the methods used involve cheap/targeted Feed/Story ads. Not a single one of the M/S, Follow/Unfollow tricks discussed on MP Social.

Jovan and Quin were actually students of Iman, so I’m surprised to see that you thought better of their course than with Iman.


from a smma standpoint

imans really was the basics, and just teaches how to run simple ad campaigns for like restaurants and gyms


Jovan and quin teach a wide variety of stuff, have recorded sales calls of the closing a massive list of scripts for cold outreach (dm, email, call, linkedin, upwork and facebook messenger) their course was just way more in-depth than imans i know they are students of imans but i just feel like they had the better course put together (imans is like 2 years old now and he made it after getting like his 3rd client or something)


Ok, from a brief look on their outline, they do seem to cover the SMMA nuances much better than Iman’s course. Especially the LLC timing, construction of case studies, etc

Though it’s funny that all these courses seem to emphasize the same gym, restaurant, dentist, real estate, etc niches.


YO could you dm me a site where i ccould get the iman gandzhi course and jovan and quin course? I cant find them online tbh


After looking at a few videos, I’ll have to agree, Jonovan and Quenten definitely go deeper into the nuances and strategies for SMMA + various platforms compared to Iman. However, Iman’s course does feel abit “cleaner” in terms of it’s presentability.


The last thing I worry about at the moment are courses.


they all ripped tai lopez’s iman even uses a case study from there


Hello Nick" Do you have the “Own the Gram” by Nick Malak, and if so - would you share it?


please give me the Password


Yupp most of the courses will give you guys generic tings, scripts made by this gurus. Stop watching and go to action, you will find the best anwsers to your questions.


Interested in all of those coursed. DM would be appreciated.


HI! Hope your doing well. Do you mind sending me the password for Iman’s SMMA link. Thank you


Hey, can you DM the password please? Thanks


I saw IG PRO Academy and some other course and boy oh boy has it been a total waste…

  1. Very Generic Info… Ive seen methods here more in depth explained… most of them simply grow with Shoutouts… big secret wow
  2. Most just tell you the ways of monetizing, or rewrite dotcom Secrets ZzzZ

Dont waste money, read the forums and maybe some smma course. Or Find more of a mentor that has a course, there might be some good ones