5G proxy auto-rotate options

Hey guys. I finally found a pretty good mobile proxy provider. In the USA (where all of my accounts are from) and also 5g.

They include an auto-rotate option with customizable times from 1-1440 minutes. How often should I set this to?

I plan to run around 10 accounts total right now. Would just one of these proxies be enough? They are pretty expensive.

Yea, for 10 IG accounts one 4G/5G proxy is enough.
I would try without rotation first.
You could also track how often the IP changes on the proxy by itself (https://ipkit.io/) :slight_smile:

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You can go with 240-480 minutes for rotation, but as Boris said, you should first try without the rotation first.

It’s quite tricky to test only one. You can refer to [GUIDE] My Method To Pick The Best Proxy/Accounts Provider for a guide on how to test proxies

Thanks! What should I be looking for to know if I should start rotating them? All accounts seem to be having no issues.

I’m only running three at the moment. All from 6am-10pm sleeping overnight. Random Actions on.

Tools used:

Blocking Followers (account A & B)
Repost (account C)
Follow (account C)
Like (account B)

i don’t think you should be using one proxy for all 10 account, especially these days but you can try that and see how it goes, i woud recommend 2 proxies but you test with 10 and see

since you have no issue you can keep the non rotation for now.

I got a password reset on 3-4 of the 7 accounts I currently have running on the proxy.

I had the “remove followers” tool on for those accounts, so I’m sure it had to do with that.

I’m going to turn on IP auto-rotate at 240min and see how it goes from there!

try to lower the number of accounts per proxy to half then start the IP auto-rotate option
make sure to lower the actions on those accounts as well and start very slow again and use few other tools and not just blocking followers that will look unnatural to IG which will keep giving you issues.