About jarvee cookies

Hello, somebody knows how to setup jarvee so it clear cookies each time you restart jarvee?


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why would you want to do that, to counter action blocks?

Settings - Embedded Browser - “Delete up to x K Cookie Cache files with every restart” and set x very high.

I discussed this in a fairly recent thread. Please have a look.

so what was the conclusion?

Don’t use the feature. It will create login issues. Leave it on the minimum with Jarvee auto-restarting once per day.

With this the blocks will be lifted? does it helps you?

If you’ve tested that the account is actually blocked by trying to follow a few accounts manually in the embedded browser:

  • if you are able to follow then you can manually clear the cookies in the Social Profiles tab for the accounts which are blocked. This should clear the suspension.

  • If you are unable to follow, then pause the tool for 24 - 48 hours and try again.