Any mass name checker?

I was wondering if anyone has or knows the name for an IG name checker that can check a large number of names from a list?


Was looking for the same thing, found a couple of single name checker that weren’t even working good and show available names that weren’t

The readme say:

  • Instagram (currently broken)
    are you using it?
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Oh Snap, hungover me didn’t read the read me part.

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ahaha you fooled me for a moment

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Have you tried scrapebox?

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this is repost from level 2 :smiley:

You will not be able to check 100% whether accounts exist without trying to set up one.


This is a simple php script that checks the names given in the file.
Save the script as check.php , create the accounts file in the same directory and enter in it the usernames to check each username in the new line.


Script written quickly without checking, I do not know if it works on the windows and how it works for a large number of accounts (I use something more sophisticated with the name generator :sunglasses: ). If the ig starts blocking, you can try to uncomment the sleep function and change the useragent in the code.

Good luck

PS. source:


Nice share! I missed that one.

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Does anyone know if this still works? Or knows of a different name checker?

You can add the usernames as follow sources in jarvee and if they pop up with 0 followers then there is a good chance they don’t don’t exist. you can extract and delete all account with value > then 0 nr followers. Best way I can think of with jarvee. Or you can use his python code here
But might wanna make sure you don’t look up for 200+ username with same ip because will be flagged so you can rotate proxys.