Best way to learn a language?


The more the better if you can be an expert or quality level in the subjects. If you just know the basics its not worth, and i would value more an outstanding level of english than 3 european languages that are spoken just in their country.

For me the only languages worth it are: english, chinese, russian and probably spanish. The last one is a little bit biased because im from Spain.


Why in that order man:
Spanish I a lot more useful than Russian

And yes I get it but if you capable of understanding them it’s good enough. So you let people speak in the languege they are most comfortable with.


Well, first you need to get the basics of the language and get comfortable with its simpler forms. Sign up to a local course or find one online, either is great for beginners.

Then, find a person who speaks the language on a native level and communicate with him or her on a regular basis. If you can’t find a person like that, find a TV show or a series of movies on that language and watch it without subtitles. I’d take either of the two methods over just about any book out there. :slight_smile:


Try to find some people which speak German and try to speak with them, message them, visit them…

I would also recommend the app Duolingo to start, it is a fun and easy way to learn the basics of a new language.