Best way to monetise? - Ideas inside

Hey, so ive had a bit of help about this from a couple of people on here so huge shoutout to them, but would love to get it consolidated in a thread and maybe get some more knowledge and i guess others can benifit too.

Im currently running a fashion/aesthetic niche page where i post anything thats youth culture/fashion/cool aesthetics etc. Similar to pages such as @insomniamagazine

Ive been running it for 2 weeks and have amassed over 1k followers & have also set up weekly events such as performance/djs/musicians on friday and a creative chat on sundays, due to me being a london creative this can go on indefinitely to build a tight knit community around the page.

My question for you guys is, how should i monetise? I want it to still be a community at the essence for longevity and dont want to sell out and look like im in it just for the money.

Here are my ideas/things ive been advised so far:

  1. Create ever green photo content in blog form such as top 5 photography tips - I understand i put the link in my bio, people go and check out my blog, but im unsure as how this converts into money for me if the information is free?
  2. Two parts to this, one - offer my own presets for lightroom for free via a link in bio, people download and Im under the impression i can monetise this with still keeping the preset download free? - My question is how? Adsense? profit per click?
  3. The one i think will work best but I feel like ill need a bigger audience for this to work:
    Get a logo designed (my graphic designer friend is creating a graphic we can use) that incorporates the pages name whilst still being a fashionable piece of ‘merch’ we could sell this as “giving back to our community” by featuring other artists designs on the clothing. - Would people buy it? If so what sort of following do i need for this to take off?

Those are my ideas and questions for each one, if you have any insight into this that would be great. Or any other ideas on how to grow the community &/or monetise



Gonna be watching this one @SBG! I’ve already DM’d you my thoughts but I’d love to see what the community comes up with.

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Yep thank you so much! Just as an overall question, is it possible to profit from just clicks to free presets or free evergreen info blog posts without having the consumer to pay anything?

I think you will do great if you create a Youtube channel with the same name and put your youtube channel link on your IG account bio.

To drive more traffic to your channel, you can share the free presets download link in your video description and then post on your IG wall/story about that giveaway.

There is no way to monetize clicks to free content (that I know about). You cannot make money by someone clicking to download you free presents, I mean, who would pay and why?

You could use AdSense to try to monetize that traffic, but know that you will need large amounts of traffic in order to make any money. AdSense will only pay you when a user clicks on one of the ads on y our site, and even then they usually only pay a few cents. Don’t get me wrong, I make money from AdSense and think is a great way to monetize traffic, but you need to be in the thousands of visits per day for it to be anything significant.

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Great thank you for your guys replies, this is the info I was after.

I was thinking of recording every live chat we have on Sunday so I can create a podcast that can be used on a YouTube page. This way I can kill 2 birds with one stone and won’t spread myself out too thin.

So if I can’t get paid for free traffic, how do people make money from blogs?

And going back to eaudebo’s ideas I think I will charge a small fee for the presets for profit aswell as free traffic

Is it worth to collect data with google pixel from people who buy/download the presets so I can email them later when I’m selling merch?

EDIT: I’ve decided to first work on getting these Lightroom presets set up earlier better - my question is should I set up my own sight and add them as a downloadable add on or is there a specific site I can just upload it and it hosts it for me?

Either way I can make and host a good Wordpress site for free

The way people make money with blogs is very much like the way the manke money with IG accounts. Although with blogs there are even more options since you have full control over you blog (dpeending on how you set it up).

In a nutshell you can make money from your blog by:

  • Showing ads (AdSense or others)
  • Promoting products or services through affiliate links
  • Sell links in your articles (people will want these for SEO)
  • Sell shoutouts. Get paid tro write about a certain product
  • Sell your own product. Like your presets, merch, etc.
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