Does anyone know snapchat bot?


Do you have proof?


Check BHW you will findout


you cant send any links on tik tok, why do you even need a bot?


Build accounts now, promote later eventually you will be able too.


Are they gonna add it or it will be like that everytime ?


dont know, I dont work there :rofl:


:joy: and are you growing accounts on it ?


no, looks waste of time for me
too many kids, no dms, no links, may be for brand its good, for affiliate thats crap


Yes for branding that’s huge opportunity easy traffic and less competition than Instagram and it have also the possibility to link your insta account so you can direct users to this and have another new traffic source on Insta too


LetsSnapIt scammed you? Please show us a proof. I’m highly interested to know what they did to you. And I will also ask their support about your case with your proof material.