ER down 50%+ on 300K account?


Has anyone seen drastic decreases in engagement since the New Years?

I’m experiencing less than 50% ER recently vs. end of the year?


Same with my 160k account and my 58k account, more than 50% less ER


I am in a lot of big engagement groups and recently I have seen some BIG accounts drop off.

Accounts with 100k-150K + followers now getting 400-600 likes per picture. Pretty sad as that giant account is now garbage.

I have talked to some of them and some were using Inficore, and other power like services.

My accounts I built 100% through viral content + engagement groups and my pages are still getting a healthy amount of likes.


Hi @AfroJack, @GloryManUnited and @joshmcca

First at all (and this is not ironic):
Thank you for reporting that you have an issue. We really need more people in this forum who are willing to share bugs, issues and especially: solutions

You are definitely not alone. A lot of people have reported the drop in reach, e.g. in this topic:

Maybe one of the Admins can merge the topics (e.g. @Diesel ? Thank you :smiley: