ER Drop After Switching Proxies

I switched off of tmobile to Cricket and my engagement dropped a ton. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a way for me to revive my engagement?


i see it’s been 33m and you didn’t get any comment well ,tbh i don’t think switching from tmobile to Cricket has anything to do with your engagement drop !

how ever thanks to @pow for the time and effort making this really Golden tips so We can learn how to Increase engagement rate ,invest your time reading it …


Thanks, I finished reading it. The other change might’ve been iphone ----> android. I’ll try the tips in there soon

in my opinion changing mobile developer doesnt effect your engagement.
Maybe you should find other constrain that affect that bro.

Wait few days or about 2 weeks and take a look if your ER is increasing again

I really doubt that proxies were the cause. Have you ckecked if you are shadowbanned??