Follower engagement rate

Hey guys, I see great results with my clients making 100/150 followers daily for their business account, but its every the same type, i try so much bit i didnt get it so far
The engagement rate is mostly 2-4%, really bad. What do you think should I approve more? Now i make f/u with target accounts, do you think im following to many bots with my clients? How do you get great results in engagement rate?



How is your filtering? If you’re following too many bots and accounts that follow a lot of people that’s an easy way to get bad engagement.
Also, sometimes the sources that give the highest followback ratio have worse engagement. Like following users that follow a target account vs following users that interacted.


If you have allready perfect targeting you could try these tips by @pow for increasing your engagement. Good Luck


the general idea in most cases is:

  • “follow followers of target accounts” -> higher follow-back-ratio, lower engagement
  • “follow users that interacted with posts on target accounts” -> higher engagement, lower follow-back

There obviously comes more into play, but as a general idea this should help, you have to discuss with your clients what their need is :wink: