From Private to public --what to expect

Some of you know the benefits of private accounts in s4s between private accounts. The fastest way to reach 7+ figures in follower count – ( this thread will not discuss that, I have others that do – nor will I reply to these for private account stuff).

I have had 3 pages in the last 2 years set to private and back to public and so on. I switch them when I needed to for my reasons. Now, if you have an account set to private and swap to public here are some things you should be aware of.
.1 The ER will be lower the first couple days up to 2 weeks as your account gets placed back into the explore feed system. ER will pick back up after about 2 weeks to 2 months – depending on the size of the account and general ER.
2. If you use hashtags, it might take up to 2 weeks for them to be seen again – unless you have very high natural follower ER. ( It might take awhile to rank also. – I don’t use hashtags anymore so I really can’t say if this part is true –
3. expect to lose more than you gain for up to 45 days in follower count.
4. Once you pick up ER and start to show up on explore page again, it will not be higher than ‘profile’ count up to 2 months.

In the past it took about 3 days to a week to make viral conditions, be prepared to take much longer this time.


Thanks for this, very informative!

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Great thank you ! When will you advise to switch accounts to private mode? :innocent:

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Thanks for sharing!

When you changed from private to public, did you switch to business at the same time?

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thanks for this information

when you develop relations with other pages – big ones to share 4 share or develop big enough slaves for shoutouts –

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no, swapped over to regular as you need concentrate on improving er to get back into the main feed. then after ER picks up - switch to which one you want

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thanks bro, useful info

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so your suggestion is to keep private account right?

This is for one’s who wants to go back to public

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is the best way keep account private for growing 1-10k followers?

If you have bigger accounts to constantly give shout outs yes

botting with a great profile picture naming ?

this is getting off topic, huh?

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creating a new topic.

did you read that part?

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yes sure. thank you for the information. moving on new topic

Replying to this older topic due to my interest in switching to a private profile, so please bare with me :smiley:

I have an influencer account where the engagement kind of sucks. I get around 900-1300 likes on a 40k account which is due to me not being really active for the past few months. I know that engagement needs its time to pick back up but meanwhile I try to boost my profile with features on other accounts. Now i wonder if i should go private to stop the bleeding and to get higher engagement. But I am scared that if I go public again it will be problematic as well.

Also i’ve noticed that even if 3k people visit my profile on a day, only 150-200 follow. This is also because of the low likes, I believe. People tend to follow rather with social proof. I post every day, i do show on explore ( around 400 - highest 2k impressions) but not really on hashtags, so i skip them.

So… as a big shoutout is approaching in the coming days I don’t want to mess up the chance of gaining from that :smiley: So does it make sense to go private before or should i just stay public and still have the possibility to show on explore. Help is more than appreciated. (@Alexnvo)

going private today will not stop the bleeding anymore like it did. the other stuff remains but will take longer by up to 2x.

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Good luck getting private, it’s fun (and selective…)!