Frozen IG account, stuck login

so I got this account

can’t log in from any devices in the world
can’t send any email
can’t send any sms
can’t enter with BACKUP CODE

can’t even log in with my personal phone or other browsers
when u try to log in it just comeback to the filling page without any error, never happened before
any help?!

IPs aren’t flagged and tried many different IPs and devices

What type of proxies are you using? Nevermind if your using your phone on 4G, had the same thing happen and then account was disabled the next day.

I used domestic Wifi
and 2 different 4G
3 devices and 2 browsers

it doesn’t work! super weird


I am having the same issue with some of my clients accounts.

There are already more topics about this:

Happens with good quality accounts and using mobile proxies.

Still no solutions unfortunately, someone has already find something?

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I’m assuming this is being talked about at level 2? Ran into login issues today with 2 accounts out of my 10.


There are a lot of topics about it, but they are older.

Please go over your login process.

Here’s what I do after adding the account to a proxy

  1. Make sure these are all checked

  1. Add account info

  2. Click “verify”

  3. It may or may not go valid

  4. It will require e-mail or phone sometimes, this is normal

    If you have to use the EB, here is an OPTIONAL thing you can do. Before logging into the EB, you can import browser cookies, this is 100% optional. Most people should skip this.

  5. Open the EB and see what you have to do, always use “Instagram Client”. Open it and ask for code etc.Keep the EB open and enter the code. Choose which one you need.


If the account doesn’t go valid, you might need a mobile or residential proxy. Test it by taking it off what ever proxy it’s on and doing it on your home IP or tethered phone.

If you are still having problems, it’s usually IG or I messed up because I ate an edible.

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Thank You for the update. So I’m not getting that if you want to phone verify / API verify that I was getting earlier. I’m only seeing verify account and browse. I’m assuming it’s the proxy but these were suggested to use and they are supposed to be residential. I’ll see what happens when using my VPS but that’s going to be data center IP. I’ll download jarvee locally and tether as needed.


Don’t try that.

So what is happening? It’s stuck at “Initializing”?

Go to proxy manager, click browse and open Instagram. If IG pops up, then you are 100% sure the proxy works. Just try it on another proxy.

Sometimes you can use the EB to force a login by starting with it first. But it’s best to only use the API as needed.

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Yeah, It’s stuck at initializing. The browse method works fine under the account and under proxy manager. Earlier I wasn’t getting verficiations to rediff unless I choose to use the API. I’ll have to verify, I tried adding a number to the account under the EB and verified it but Jarvee is still in initializing. It could be my login process. Today was my first day adding accounts and I haven’t turned anything on.


Remove the username and put it back and click verify.

Also, do you have the email all setup for auto verify? Checked that it works? Most proxies do not alllw you on Reddif etc… if you can let get to reddif and you have auto email verify that might cause it.

Open the EB under profile and see if you can open reddif

Tried that, rebooted 3 times, launched the upgrade to see if jarvee needed upgraded and none of those worked. I have like 50 proxies, this is number 8, removed the account tried another account and the same thing happened. Moved this user to a different proxy and the same thing happened. The accounts that were vailidated earlier are still validated and I did some changes to the profile to verify they weren’t just cached, and they are still showing verified. Within the log file I see the unique name log what other logs files are usually relevant to look at?


To add:

No auto verify because I figured it would be more of a headache at times. But it seems that the browser does have issues getting to Reddiff through the proxy.


Woke up this morning and the account wasn’t disabled but it had issues logging in. Used a different account on the same proxy and I got right in. I guess I just need patience…


I sometimes have this issue. I use this trick.

Install Bluestack, there I try to log in. You have to click few times and fast for login there ( I know how it sounds;) ). Now I can login to chrome. I always did but I’m not sure it necessery or no.
Then I change proxy in JARVEE, after that I have VALID status.

You can check this, for me it works. Maybe it is coincidance, who knows?

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This is happening to me too. I’m new to Jarvee, but did everything according to the book I thought… I downloaded a VPS and used a proxy (high proxies Instagram Proxy) for one account. I only verified the proxy but never started any automation, and I’m now locked out of my two accounts on instagram, one which I never even connected with Jarvee. I can’t log in with chrome now either which I could an hour ago… Panicking… Please help!

Are you kidding? Instagram has been down for most of the world today. When you bothered to even read anything?

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haha I’m not I’ve just been in work mode forgetting about the rest of the world. Just realized this 40 min ago… Never mind me.

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Had a similar problem and it was probably the account

my ig account getting problem.always stuckwith initializing status…all proxyvalid…

Hi folks,

Running Jarvee for the first time after loing time. Trying to connect my personal account but it’s stuck on “Initializing”. Any idea?

I’m following this setup:

I’m not using any proxy for now. Just one account.