[Get] 2.40 TeraBytes of Courses


Wow! Thank you so much! Does anybody have any suggestions on where to start?! Lol :joy:


Better hide your girlfriends now lads


Anyone have the password for the Gary V one haha


From begining :slight_smile:


Thank you so much man <3


I already posted in another thread so I hope I won’t be too spammy.

which course would you recommend the most as far as FB ads go? I want to start diversifying a little bit after that IG apocalypse with the automation and I wanted to start learning to do FB ads but have no idea where to start and just looking up random youtube videos on the topic is probably not the best way to go.


Anyone know why the folders are downloading empty to my external hard drive?


Great share :crown:
This contains a lot of different courses.


Incredible share man! Anyone got any SMMA courses to share?


Wow thanks for sharing!


The #ChristmasShare is quite outdated, BUT, it’s quite good to start
Only bad thing? The amount of content usually gives Paralysis by Analysis

That’s why I’m right here, now…

  1. @ido - That will depend on the skills you want to develop, my friend.

What’s your current hustle/project?

  1. @asfgagasga - I will share my thoughts with senseifuel. Tai Lopez knows how to SELL, but his content is pretty low-quality.

I know, the Mansion, Girls and Lamborghini Guy don’t teach that much as he predicate!

  1. @Tocham - Same with @ido, Start by choosing at least one skill related to what you like, and what you already know… Branches to Trunk

  2. @corporatedaduk - Winning Mentality, go for the good 'ol choice: Anthony Robbins.

And Sports, hmmm… Probably Athlean X or Kinobody. It can give you a couple of “Here and There” value.

  1. @Feanor - Could you provide a screenshot of it, please?

  2. @jimiiz - Sad thing Up-Level is not right there, brother. But members know I can provide both “Consulting Accelerator” & “Up-Level Consulting” for way wayyy less than $4,000

  3. @Kojange - The RSD / Dating game is too powerful after all those courses, mate.

  4. @Nieco - It has protection??

  5. @Molishparty - I would probably go for “Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs” from Dan Henry itself. (By the way, I notice it’s also protected -> Download it and Hit me back to provide you with the Password

  6. @hansloum - Inside “Tai Lopez” folder you will find the SMMA course (but NOT recommended). Go after Digital Manuscript or 30 Day SMMA (10x times better, worth of your time).

Hope that helped most of you guys. Hit me back if you’re feeling lost and can’t start your way up to a successful business.


Yep, the Tai course is garbage…:sweat_smile: I actually tried to look for a share for the 30 day SMMA; just for the systemization and processes part, there’s already tons of great FB ad/marketing courses out there that I’ve gone through.


My hard drive isn’t even big enough for it. But thank you! Will look through everything tomorrow.


Thannkss Broo. But I am kinda lost where to start… Any reccomendations about Facebook ads or IG automatiation?


Pretty sure there aren’t any good ones in this share, there may have been but they’re outdated now. I can recommend the best FB ads course I’ve taken though, and it’s FREE - check out Jordan Schumacher on youtube, it’s there.


Hey! Anyone interested in buying any SMM Course?

1 .Sam Ovens - Acclerator Consulting
2 .Sam Ovens - Uplevel Consulting
3 . Iman Gadzhi - 6 Figure SMMA
4 . James Beattie - Business Builder Live 1.0
5 . Jordan Platten - SMMS
6 . Billy Willson - 6 Figure Facebook Ads Agency
7 . 7-Figure Copywriting By Foundr With Arman Assadi
8 . Robb Quinn-Agency in Box
9 . Quenten Chad & Jovan Stojanovic - 30 Day SMMA
10 . Joe Soto - Marketing Agency Academy
11 . Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0
12 . Jordan Platten - Kick Start Result
13 . Tai Lopez Millionare Mentor
14 . Tai Real Estate

All in $60


Thank you, just downloaded the Gary Halbert ones.:face_with_monocle::books:


Does anyone have the password to that course by any chance and would be so kind to pm me? I tried pming Proxomytian with no luck unfortunately :frowning:

Proxomytian just delivered the password - thanks!


Thanks needed this


Hi Proxonytian.

Can I please get the password to the Iman course? Thanks!