[Giveaway] 100 Aged (5-9 years old) "Warmed Up" IG Accounts

I am interested as well. Thanks schoko !

im interested in trying it!

I’m interested. Thanks

one for me please, thanks!

Would love to try 1, thanks @schoko

Would love to get one too :slight_smile: Thank you @schoko

Sent to all :slight_smile:

I want one, if possible. tks

I want one also, thank you.

I’ll take one as well, thank you :slight_smile:

I can take one of them

Sent :package:

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Would love one please

I would like one please

Sent to both of you :truck:

I’ll take one (or two! ;)) thanks!

i’ll take one

Thanks bro, much appreciated.

What a nice offer

I would take one if you have something left, thank you.