[GUIDE] [2019] Jarvee Instagram Beginner Settings!

Thanks for sharing. Used similar settings to yours… for starters anyway.

nice stuff brother. But I would suggest you to go for more humant interaction settings than each hour follow action. You should try with regular intervals in a day for follow and like.

I usually start at 10-25 and increase by 25 on new accts.

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@bufferover yeah no bans whatsoever
@SwagWaffle if your proxy is right and account creation was right, you wont get any bans or pvs, i will write a tutorial about account creation


When do you think the best time to start posting is?

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I do it after i get atleast 50 followers, im scraping content than doing it inside of jarvees campaigns,
Posting between 11AM - 7PM

BTW. What monetizing method you mostly use? CPA, account selling?


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Shopify/ any ecommerce

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From your username i assume that your are from the Balkans. How did you setup the Shopify thing, Paypal don’t support receiving payments here.

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How? im from Bosnia and my PayPal works fine
For Stripe i did a little bit of blackhat :smiley: but its working
Stripe ====> Payoneer====>My Pocket

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I’m from Macedonia, we can only send money via PayPal. In Bosnia you can receive funds too?

Good guide, thank you. :slight_smile: Question - do you follow and unfollow at the same time? Because it seems dangerous from what I heard.

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How big do you think you need your accts to be before you start seeing real results with ecom?

I’ve only advertised mostly on facebook so curious about this.

You can follow in the first half of the day and unfollow in the second half of the day.

Another option is to enable automatic follow/unfollow. That means you start unfollowing when a range of followers (for example 2500-3000) is reached. And when you reached a range of followers (for example 500-1000) you start following again. You can find the option both in the follow and the unfollow tab. Make sure you enable and setup both.

I prefer the second option because it looks more natural (in my eyes). And the people that have not followed you immediately have more time to follow back. So maybe you gain few extra followers. But I cant das this 100% sure, depends on a lot of other things.

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Yo guys

Little update: No matter how bad are ur settings if your proxy is good you will get away with it
I made account for test, started running 1000 follows a day, had link in bio, spammed comments, dms everything, account running 7 days now without any blocks. Running this on my HOME IP!

I was wondering how much proxies are important and let me tell you. DONT BUY PROXIES IF YOU RUN LESS THAN 5 ACCS, IF YOU RUN 5-30 PLEASE CREATE THEM YOURSELF



Thank you :slight_smile: One more question about that. Did you see “unfollow oldest followed account after follow” feature in the followings? Do you think it’s safe to use? As for me it would be better that followings number won’t change drastically.

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I would love to do this but the data plans here in Germany are not cheap.
And do you think it matters when 100+ accounts are running at the same place?
Can Instagram detect that?

It depends on how many accounts you have running per proxy

Can you share what proxy are you currently using? And if it’s really good, how many accounts can you run and won’t be detected by Instagram?


seriously this is life saver for beginer like me that when first time saw jarvee and say WTF is this, Thanks a lot

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