Hello darkness my old friend... fuck cpalead

Briefly i just wanted to share a story , a story about high hopes and fucking shithole cpalead bullshit…
I’m so fucking tired of all this bullshit… so , few days ago i was searching for an app to promote , and i found an app that i had an AMAZING FUCKING IDEA how to promote it ,sooo after waiting no longer i started to work on it , so i’ve bought 10 proxies with +5 i had ( i thought about buying 100 but later on i realised that shit might go down like allways.)
Created an amazing landing page , took me whole day.
created 30fb accounts and started warming them up , but in that time i also started to promote that app with my amazing fucking plan and what do you know , it worked better then i planned , i got 0,40 epc from two facebook accounts with ok ammount of 92clicks (keep in mind it was two facebook accounts each had two groups and very wide pool niche , and it was legit so i could’ve posted that all day long in 20000 groups if not more in the ond of the year , everyone was happy no complains at all) so that netted me arround 36$ , i was allready imagining an aventador in my fucking backyard , BUT as the luck is allways shining for me , thank you lovely fucking lord , they took it down… they simply took down the app… fuck my life i contacted the support and they said it was over… SO FML , and fuck you in your anus cpalead, excuse me i’m going to find a rope for that 36$ …


Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with CPALead.

We got a special place for them here…


i mean they’re all fine but how i supposed to know that they take down these offers every few days… there’s nothing like in some networks that tell you exact date when it will end or like the cap when it’s going to be over…

never give up men :wink: we’ve all faced bad experiences . try to find another apps to promote in the same niche …

Last summer I lost around 50 Facebook accounts ( 100 USD ) + burned 50 Proxies ( 50 USD ) + Domains/Hostings/VPS’s + VPN network setup ( More than 200+ USD ) and around 3 month of work in about 10 minutes from a bad affliation program .

But I understanded to calm down and retry, because I learned to not spend a dime till I see the method will work from low investment.

@exod c , the problem is not about the money i’ve lost , these 10 proxies was http proxies since facebook as i realised is not that harsh like instagram , the deal is with time i spent thinking of a niche/method and searching for it in the meantime getting nothing…
@amine finding apps to promote is allready a hard task as only few networks that i know even gives this opportunity overall and the app was from trustworthy company and its a rly low chance i could find something like that at all. But ofc i will keep trying what else can i do.

Thats why you find for apps that’s not exclusive to a particular network. If you look elsewhere, i’m sure you still can find other places promoting the same app.

It’s not up to the network but the advertiser. They set the rules whether they want to continue to promote, stop with a certain network, or put a cap on it.

Not that i like cpalead’s interface. Sure, it’s easy to get into, but overall it’s so messy and cluttered.

Unfortunate indeed…

Go and search your offer here offervault.com and find affiliate networks that still promote it.

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Not a reason to shitlist them, it’s not really their fault if advertiser doesn’t want to promote the app anymore.

Anyway, I have a reason to put them there :smiley: banned account because of fraudulent leads :smiley:

The thing is, I used PPV traffic to promote one of their LPs with content locker. When I start seeing positive ROI, account got banned.

Now, I don’t care about account, what bothers me is their attitude, to be more specific, attitude of Justin - affiliate manager, when I asked what a hell happened.

No explanation besides fraudulent traffic :slight_smile: and I asked them nicely do they allow PPV promotion, they said yes.

Geniuses decided to start with CPC too and add those ads in their content lockers. That’s begging for trouble, you can’t put CPC offers in content locker, it’s stupid.

@trueword I’m sure you’ll find same offer somewhere else.


In last couple of months I see many people have problems with CPALEAD so for your own security I will stay away from that network

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