How can I create my own 4G proxies?


he means he wants to use his mobile proxies, he have at home, on his mp thats on a vps



Oh ok thanks Danny, then @thaylang1234 you have to open ports on your router to be able to access proxies from the outside and bind each proxy to its opened port (since the VPS is not on your network). For what regards your home dynamic IP you can simply setup DDNS in your router (mine already had this option to be used with big services like, I think yours should have it too)


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On the same IP ?


You can run as many proxies as you want on the same IP, ports will divide the traffic to the correct dongle


did u manage to run multiple 4g proxy on the same device? Easiest way we see is setting up one raspi zero per dongle, for one connection it runs really good, but multiple is indeed complicated. If you did we would love to hear your advices.


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I have been looking into this for some time now, this may be more expensive that other proxy but since i’m planning in using those for instagram, they should pay off in the long terms, and i have some clients that can’t get the risk of using a normal proxy.

It’s not easy, especially if you don’t have much experience with linux, but so far i think that a good method is to use raspberry + 3g(or 4g but more expensive) dongles, using 1 rasp+ 1 dongle should be quite “easy”(if you never got your hand into linux you will still get headcache). Using 1 rasp and multiple dongles would be great, cause they will be quite cost/effective.

I even think to use android phones, this way would even be possible to PV your account’s with the same sim, but didn’t yet undestand if there are apps the let you do a real private proxy, and the phone must be very cheap.

If some of you guys is interested in working on a solution, just send a pm, maybe we can figure this out in group. :slight_smile:


How about this? you get a LTE/4G modem, and a multi wan router, and then create a VPN for each WAN? in that way you connect your IG accounts to each local IP which correspond to one 4G Modem, this is if you are going to do it only for you, of course.


that may be another solution yes! but personally i don’t run my automation locally, i need them to be accessible from everywhere


I’m trying to make this work, but in one way or the other I’m failing :frowning:

Creating the proxy with the internal IP (from the LAN port of the Rpi itself) works fine. But when I put the outgoing address to my 4G modem (of which I know has internet) nothing happens…

I even added a new routing table so traffic must go through there but it also does not work…

Any tips on what I can try?

Here my complete situation:


Can we make this thread private? …


Nothing serious said here tho


Got working and stable code for raspi with multiple dongles. Hit me up in dm.


Why DM, write here, maybe it will be useful to someone else.


I have access to a large number of SIM cards with data as I own a Verizon store in the USA. I’m attempting the exact same setup as you and I was hoping to ask you a few questions. In exchange I’m happy to provide you with some filled SIM cards or something else you might need…


Hi @Ritonton I’m a new user here and can’t create private messages yet but would like your help with 4g proxy setup thanks.