How Instagram Detect Your Picture

How do we change the metadata so that the post can have maximum reach ?

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What are the few main components you will add to your image’s metadata?

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I’m lookign too for a solution to add metadata and exif of random camera models, phone, location, timestamp, name changer to real format, etc. Still haven’t found a good tool to do it quite fast on a good number of pics. Have been suggested some software but not find the right one.


let us know when you find one!

Did you find something bro? Seems like EXIF and ICC is quite important for content to looks like “original” one

Hi guys, I’ve found this app and seems like it can suit our needs and change all the metadata

seeing as how this old thread was bumped, the metadata is removed for user’s safety on insta

Hello, friends! Sorry for my English, I use a translator. If I post my photo to multiple accounts, do I need to change the metadata for each account? Or can I leave the data unchanged for all my accounts? Was have someone such experience, that you can advise?