How to increase engagement?help me

I’m going to solve all the problems now.
be steadily growing
The number of followers increases by 100 to 200 a day.But the engagement rate is too low.
I have an account with 4000, 3000,2000 followers.
If it’s a fashion nicha, only get 50 to 100 like for 1 post

how can i increase engagement for my account ?

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  • Better content
  • Engage with your own followers (like comments, respond to legitimate DMs, respond to comments, even like their content)
  • Remove ghost followers
  • Don’t be lazy, search the forums for posts specifically related to this. Some really good ones have been posted in the past week

Take a look at this detailed guides:


Thank you @roy :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome bro! @pow The value is massive :+1:

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You are even better at providing value here on this forum hahha :slight_smile:

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Thank you mate :raised_hands: I try my best, but learning all day. I’m looking forward to write my first guide too in the future.:grin:

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If you’re posting consistent quality content and it’s not helping I’d start by removing all ghost followers and focus on the new audience you’re building.

If the followers you have now are new something in your strategy isn’t working and needs to be analysed. The easiest way to ruin ER is to somehow mess up the quality/interest of your followers and how relevant your content is for them. What a lot of people think of as quality content is often pretty bad, they post content they like and want to show their audience, not what they’re audience ACTUALLY wants to see.

Did you build your followers using follow\unfollow?