How to Just Scrape ? not follow

ive setup extracted user in setup but when i start it dont scrape it go directly to follow , what i want is scrape accounts with follow tool based on keywords of username but it seem that it cant be possible unless you do somethin in sources

but me my goal is only scrape with following thats it so how can i make it i followed every thread even one of jarvee but still same thing keep happening do i need to add something in setting ?

no answer… no one scrapped with followtool ?

Use the API, and send results to extracted users.

yeah i have done it but like i said this isnt the problem , the issue is that on followsource tab wich thing i will enable since i am looking to scrape the sources themselves not their follow/following thats why its complicated

add them as specific users then

?? haha who i will add , example i want to scrape football accounts okay , based on followtool filtering i will go enable filter account having specific word in their username word ‘football’ and having +10k follower , problem is at some point i will need to do something on followsource ,

the thing with specific users … is that you scrape followers/following of a source , not the source itself

oh found a way it was just that i needed to enable follow by userame/bio/name wich will simply apply what i need mean scrape al account that have a specific keyword , it just got error of no moresource provided while ive only got 48account scrapped lol , but tho ive accelerated the process is it a form of apiblock ?

more filters more API calls, so probably yes you hit an API block.

ok will make i more longer , the problem is to not scrape same users with many different scrapper account i will use mean how can i have a general blacklist so if an ser get scraped on 1 scrapper he dont get on the other one too possible ??