How to monetize small accounts/network? (55k followers)

I bought a few accounts within the same niche with different amount of followers but netting 55k. The biggest account is 23k but I’m having trouble with how to monetize. I see similar pages charge for posts (15-25usd) with less followers than me but I receive no offers or people willing to pay that.
I’m being tagged a lot and people send me photos to get featured, so far I feature them if I like their content or it’s viral, no charges. I haven’t asked people for money to get feature since I get my content from them and I kinda need them to feature/interact with the accounts.

So, how to monetize reposts accounts? Should I charge for reposting the people I feature or just the brands that appear on my reposts? Should I look for brands to work with or what’s the best idea?

Do you consider your engagement to be good? Definitely you shouldn’t wait if you want to start making money, you should analize what you could offer to potential clients and start reaching them.
Check this thread, maybe you will find it useful:


you can scrape accounts in same niche and direct message them if they want a shoutout exchange or shoutout on your wall for 10$,15$
or either direct them to your sale page/landing page from your bio
you can get free sub domain and hosting from github for your landing

My engagement isn’t the best but it’s in the same range as similar pages that I’ve talked to and already monetize. So I think I have that covered, will read that thread!

I’ve been manually sending those DMs and offering shoutouts for $10 but so far no one seems interested. I know automation could help since the reach would be greater tho. Might try that, thanks!

Well, it’s got that you have that covered, maybe you can work on your engagement to have more to offer when you decide how you will proceed. It’s a good idea to reach to some users that do the same, if they want to share their experience with you :slight_smile:

Have you tried to list your account on shoutcart?

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Yeah, you can try that. Registration there is free, list your account and see what happens.

So I figured that paid shoutouts are pretty bad to make money with unless you have 100k followers and regularly hit viral posts.

I have a 10k follower account and I sent out 100 DMs to people asking if they want to get a shoutout for 10€ and guess what, no one was interested in it.

A friend of mine has a larger account, it’s just below 100k and he regularly gets DMs from people asking if he can make a shoutout for money.

I think it all depends on your size, if you have 23k followers and 1k likes on a post the convertion would not be worth the 10$ anyways for the other person.

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the bigger accounts or similar to mine won’t share much unfortunately. Any advice on how to get better engagement? I’ve been trying with different hashtags and reposting different content (videos, photos, carousel) and even when reposting videos that are viral they don’t seem to work that well.

haven’t tried yet. May be a good option

yeah I can see that. maybe it’s better to continue growing for now and just answer to the ones that are looking for promos instead of me being the one looking for someone interested. Once I reach a bigger following number it can be easier.

Engage with your existing followers, leave comments and build a connection.

They will be much more likely to comment and like your pictures if they are familiar with your account