How to Use proxy for all apps in android devices?

I applied global proxy, everything worked just fine, but the WhatsApp app didn’t work.

Ok… please let me know how did you figure out that your WhatsApp traffic is not going through the proxy? Did you check proxy logs?

no but it just didn’t work, I couldn’t send or receive messages.

Just make sure your proxy is configured properly by below command:

adb shell settings get global http_proxy

If it shows any proxy just make sure there is no typo in IP or Port number. And one more thing your proxies should have IP Authorisation not user:pass.


You are lifesaver :slight_smile:
i am searching this for 5 days :slight_smile:
But i have the same problem that my proxy are with user and pass.
Can you also send me DM with the commands or put it here.


Please check your DM. I have sent the commands to apply user:pass proxy to Android devices.

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Please im having same issues. My proxies are with user:pass

Kindly send me the dm wth the command for that

How can I prevent the Emulator from popuping up the authentication requests for username and password over and over again.
seems I can’t complete that info with python and appium.

Nice one, I use droni usually

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Hi there,
using a proxy for all apps on your android device can help you protect your online privacy and security.

Hi, Could you dm me the method for proxy with username and password? thank you so much

Check your DM.