If I wanted to learn SEO well & efficiently, what would I do?


I’m not sure what is meant by this. I can understand the logic of not getting into SEO (or anything, really) to make money if you don’t have the capital in the first place to make it work, but in this instance we have a website for an organisation which is always going to exist, irrespective of its success or lack of success (in terms of SEO, finances, exposure). So we can either do nothing with SEO, or we can use the resources we have, however little, to actually do what we can with SEO. The only logical option is to just do what we can, because that is bound to be better than nothing, even if it isn’t as highly competitive as somebody who is willing to invest heaps of money into some other type of SEO to make money from it.

Edit: Besides, @Fonzie illustrated that there are many free or inexpensive ways of optimising SEO on the website just by simply knowing the fundamentals of SEO in the first place. That’s the kind of stuff that anyone can apply, regardless of budget.


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Its just a money game. Find good related websites and ask for rates for links. Dont overoptimize with unnatural keywords (like 100% of the times same anchor text). Seriously reaching the first page of google is just paying for links to give you authority. And then in the first page, to reach 1-3 position you just need to solve the problem of the user (solving a problem equals to being the last website visited and prompting the user to never write the same keyword)

@HenryCooper i didnt tag the wrong person. I did it because you said in other post that if you share useful content you get a lot of likes. I found Fonzie answer pretty useful and long, but only 5 likes. Btw, no anger at all


Ok, makes sense.


Yeahhhhhhhhh. I’ll stick with IG. :joy:

Done all the Lynda SEO courses. Just so I know what the big boys are doing or at least an idea of what they’re doing. Fundamentals, so to speak.

AFAIK, social signals doesn’t do shit for ranking right? But you look good in Google’s eyes?


Everything I learned in terms of SEO was learned when I was a teenager, teaching myself web design/coding. I’d suggest starting there if anything, as they tend to go hand in hand to some degree. Most of what I know is likely outdated, as I’m 23 now and started web design when I was 10 lol. Good luck!


so many great tools mentioned in this thread - thank you all!!!
What do you guys think about SERPSAT ? I bought it when it was on Appsumo, but I find it much harder to use than SEMrush, but then again I dont want to spend $$ every month for something I already have. is it worth learning or is it crap?


Great read my man love it on point !