Instagram Account shadowbanned

Thank you so much for your replies!
What I don’t understand is, why would I get a report if all I do is posting draws, manga panels, anime etc the post that I mentioned in my own comment was a funny vignette that got deleted, but it wasn’t porn and there wasn’t nude, it was a sarcastic joke.
The only hashtags I used were characters names and last names from the show my account is about, so none of them was a banned hashtag.
Locations and explore page works, only the hashtags don’t.
So this isn’t a glitch?

Only IG knows why. If this your first time, you should be back soon if you use hashtags…until the throttle is lifted…can’t do nothing…might as well keep on posting your stuff

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Thank you again. Some blogs say is better if you stop posting for a few days, is that true? Or should I keep posting hoping that at least my posts make it to the explore page?


That’s a hashtag used by OP, not me. I know the throttling happens on new hashtags, but I’ve never seen a “community has reported content” message on a new hashtag, just a empty page with “posts tagged X will show up here” message if the account is not flagged… which is why I was saying it seems to be some glitch than an actual report or ban or anything.

I just noticed that OP had said that a post of hers had got deleted… guess the account throttling makes sense then.


Sorry, but what does exactly account throttling mean? Sorry if I am bothering you, but I don’t know much about all this

it does not matter to — post or not, they will remove it when they are ready. throttle simply is a shadowban with out hastags…your capped/limited, Most of my shadowbans/throttled lifted 3-4 days after, I just kept on posting.

This only proves the existence of banned hashtags. And IG doesn’t deny their existence.


Why would they ban you from appearing in the hashtags and not from the explore?

3 reasons, PORN/CHILD PORN, HATE SPEECH, ABUSE. if somebody had a hashtag ‘bigcock’ and lovelittle girls, do you think that should be allowed? dude, its real…

This just makes no sense. Why should child porn content be allowed in the explore, in the followers’ feed, via DMs etc but not in the hashtags feed? If you break the ToS your account is disabled or some actions are disabled. Or when they like block you it is just for the non-followers, but you can still like your followers’ posts?

Anyway to each its own opinion, it’s fine like that.

So back to the girl, I did see your post under the location, but not under the hashtag I suggested.
My advice is to keep posting normally, don’t use always the same exact hashtags but shuffle them and be sure they are not banned before using them. In a couple days things should get back to normal.


Then if it does not exist, use it and tell me it does not exist. If Instagram does not take it out first and your account gets slapped. See, if it don’t exist and you claim there is no shadowbann than you are right. I challenge you to prove there is no shadow ban as you say with no proof

Instagram straight up lying when they say there is none. That was one of the biggest reasons I stopped using them. They are a liability

here is another point. I am reaching nearly 3 million followers on Insta in less than 3.1 years, last year I grew by 1.2 mill from all my accounts totaled. I learned the hard way…they are real, they cripple.

onus probandi in latin or burden of proof in english is due on the accusing party. :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe you are confusing a complex algorithm, a very intricate one, with the urban legend of the shadow ban.

For example, you said previously you have very good engagement, but let’s talk of the average account, not yours or mine.

They have a reach. The reach depends on a thousand variables. The posts are not shown to the full followers list depending on these variables (the algo). So is a post shown only to 10% of the followers because of a shadow ban or is it because the post sucks and nobody liked it in a timely manner when they had the chance to?

She said she uses always the same hashtags. The algo might read that as someone posting always the same exact content (otherwise you would describe it with at least slightly different hashtags). Is the same exact content interesting to the IG users? No, it’s not. So they limit the reach by excluding the hashtags. Is this a shadow ban or again a complex algo?

We are talking about the same thing. But I say that it’s the user’s fault they made a mistake or should improve in some way to follow what the algo finds interesting. You blame it on the other side, punishment from an higher power for a crime that sometimes does not exist (like when you stop posting, your reach decreases, is it a punishment? No, it’s just the algo.).

Hope I explained my point of view better and please read carefully, with an open and calm mind.

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how can I be calm when you offer advice that does harm saying there is no shadow ban? our job is to help them grow. we both are experienced and knowlegable… my point is simple.

  1. Shadowbans are real. they are there to prevent abuse of the system.
  2. Be careful of which tags you use.

Our job is to share and help, never - never hinder.


I work with in my EG group a lady who has 203k, she comes on 3 times a week - she still grows and gets likes. Stopping posting does not decrease your reach. I had one page I did not post for 6 months , first 2 weeks shitty – This 92k was my worst account at that time. Now, a year later at 136k and always gains now. During the PV wave 2 weeks back, I stopped posting in some accounts 2 weeks – 3 days later they are back up to speed only becuase the PV throttled was lifted.I lost many during tat time – be it to fakes being removed or unfollowed by real users. It just takes time to get back – depending how good your content is. What is worse is if you have bad crappy posts over and over and the reach goes downhill becuase each time less see it. This uphill battle is the hardest to climb and at a certain point that account is not salvagable.
given the evils of the two – I would rather not post, than post crap…that posting will kill ya

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that is a good friends account… he did not post regular posts for over 1.5 years – only paid shoutouts during that time. he was at just a little over a mill earlier this year. 200k later in 3-5 months later…doing damn good

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i do know in the next year, i should grow at least 1 mill more…i’ll take my beliefs you say are wrong and use them. Tired of this… be good and good luck

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I experimented a kind of shadownbanned at past, based on own hashtags i created.

Always something like that:

I was start to use a new and unique hashtag and create also methods to get likes and more impressions on those hashtags… commenting on those posts, and/or using like exchange… And Boom, those hashtags was shadowbanned.

Would suggest to listen to @Alexnvo as he is one of the few people here that growths big healthy accounts with good engagement without boring f/u on the account. Accounts that are able to grow on their own, which most accounts grown by people on this forum won’t be able to when stopping f/u.
Proof that you are right on this is of course appreciated!

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Btw, what is your opinion on consequences regarding engagement from switching to a business account?

the way the feed is, I don’t think it matters. I do not know as I have no business accounts yet… As I am trying to get my accounts verified – I don’t want to risk it now.

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I had one page I did not post for 6 months , first 2 weeks shitty – This 92k was my worst account at that time. Now, a year later at 136k and always gains now.

What is worse is if you have bad crappy posts over and over and the reach goes downhill becuase each time less see it.

You are saying yourself what I said before. You stop posting, the algo doesn’t reward you when you come back, unless you come back with good and consistent posting. Was it a shadow ban the decreased reach during the first days? No, just the complex algorithm, rewarding more those who post consistently. Why? Would you watch The Simpsons if they were on air on Monday at lunch, then nothing for 2 weeks, then Friday night, then nothing 3 weeks, then Wednesday morning? No, nobody would actually follow the full show and spend its time on the TV watching ADs that make the channel revenue. But if they are there every day (or in case of TV once a week on the same day) at the same time there’s an army of people consistently watching. These are basics of human behaviour. And they need to exploit it for revenue. So it’s not a shadowban, it’s a complex algo that brings revenue to a company by rewarding users who behave in a certain way and penalizing (not punishing) those who behave in a way that brings less revenue.

Just my humble opinion of course.

Our job is to share and help, never - never hinder.

Apologies if my posts were felt this way. I would never do that. Actually the spreading of the shadowban theory is, in my opinion, what in medicine is referred to as mass psychogenic illness (I said it before too in another thread). And this leads people to give up as they think it is an higher power deciding they can’t keep going with instagram. It’s easy to give up,when you are facing an enemy too strong. But if we shift the side at fault, making us “the users” the issue, then we can still succeed. Because we can improve ourselves and fix what was wrong, but definitely we can’t change IG so if they are responsible, there’s nothing we can do.
So following this: you stopped posting and the reach decreased. Was it IG’s fault? Or was it yours? I believe you did not change IG, but changed yourself. You changed the way you used the account to a more pleasant way for the algo, thus succeeding in recovering your reach and engagement.

Again I hope my thoughts are clear, I’m not native so sometimes I don’t write very well…

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