Is Email Scraping for marketing legal?


storing personal data of european union citizens (eg. e-mail adress) is illegal without consent


naaah… you just should be aware of what you are doing is sort of at the edge. Of course you try to justify with your logic that everything is fine. People just try to help you to understand that your thinking might be wrong (though it is totally sound from your point of view).

It is not a battle about who is right or wrong. It is more about the “love” from others here in the forum who just don’t wanna see one of their “fellows” getting into trouble.

Sounds funny… but I guess that’s just the spirit of this forum (at least in my old eyes).


Just received a cold call. A Phone call, not an email, but still. I am in the do not call registry of my country for what its worth. I get a ton of those cold calls, because even though we are in the EU, few laws of any sort are enforced here. Spam is possibly the last thing on the list of things that people care about. The government does not even know what is happening within its own systems, let alone outside them.

At any rate, it was a cold call from the largest Insurance company in my country. I asked them how they do it lol. Of course the salesperson at the other end does no know anything about that, but this is gonna be on of my top questions for the lawyers I speak to. How do the big companies continue to spam me year in year out without any repercussions and how can I get in on the action. Alternatively, how can I sue them for big bucks :joy:

Interesting passage from the Anti-Spam Lawyer who was linked to previously on this thread:

Balsam is frequently faced with fictitious business names registered to post office boxes. Balsam was once awarded a $1.125 million verdict against a pornography company that had sent him 1,125 e-mails. He was not able to collect the judgment, however, because the domain registrar Tucows refused to identify the owner of the company that had sent the spam.

So there you go guys, fictitious company with P.O. box and a Tucows domain name, done!


I hired a lawyer, he’s an expert out of san francisco in the field of CANSPAM.
He said its 'not unlawuful to cold email someone who has a public email, even if they’ve never opted into something."
I would NOT do it in the EU though. USA is OKAY


I don’t know if it is allowed, but I used the tips on this link to make it legal for the EU.