[LIST] Apps to create beautiful feed and story posts! 📲

Let’s all share the apps we use to create stories and feed posts!


  • Mojo:
    Very easy to use video app with templates to create beautiful stories and offers


  • Canva:
    Simple tool to create attractive posts, it’s also cross-platform

  • Layout by Instagram:
    When you gotta put a couple of pictures together reaaal quick, very easy to use

  • Photo app by Apple:
    Easy to crop and color correct images


Canva, Unfold for stories. Tried UNUM - not as cool.
Some people love Spark Post. I find it overwhelming.


Thanks for the app suggestions. I will definitely check them out.
I need to upgrade my stories for sure

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For feed, Lightroom + Snapseed are my go to concerning photo editing.

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Canva, Unum, Previev, Lightroom, Cutstory


Here we go:

In Android:

Adobe Spark Post

In Mac:
Lightroom with plugin to post directly to IG
Photoshop for Panoramas and prepare carrusel


For stories I mainly use Unfold but also like Made, Over, and Nichi (iOS only)

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I can recommend Phonto app

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anyone here knows how to add and countdown line around a video?
i see it very often lately
like here https://www.instagram.com/p/B1YoSGGjuGa/

Lightroom and Photoshop to really create that feed consistency. If you know what you are doing, definitely the two best programs on the market for photo editing stuff and most of the pros use it .


I mainly use Lightroom, Unfold and an app called RetroCam, which is pretty cool.

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Could do that with any good video editing software. Wondering if there’s a quick app for it though…

A lot of people have mentioned Unfold, will definitely check it out!

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I use unfold for stories. For posts only desktop Lightroom.
For making the perfect look for my feed I use the app preview.

I also have used VSCO but didn’t stick with it.


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