Number one cause of shadowbans- AKA Hashtags suck you know what


A little different in my case, I do appear on geotags and hashtags but no explore it seems. Unless it’s hidden under “other”, as Insights only seem to show you top 4 rows, Home and Profile always being there no matter what.


If not shadowed and not making explorer it means content is not good enough or the account has no traction there. I got a few accounts always making explorer but seen by only a few. I got others if the same content was on another account it would do good yet on that account doesn’t make it or seen by few and more by profile. I’m still getting a feel for the new feed also and haven’t yet figured how to take advantage of it on my public accounts.


Just to follow-up on this, I had a post the other day with 1200+ likes, 15k+ impressions, out of which 12k+ are “From Hashtags” as well as 685 from “Other” and the rest from Home and Profile. That was on a personal blog account with 5k followers. I’m wondering why no Explore? Unless those numbers are too low for explore? My tinfoil hat theory about an “explore ban” is driving me nuts.


I had a situation once that according to Insights my post appeared in Explore, got 2 views from there and then that statistic was swallowed by Other. :slight_smile:

It would be beneficial if we could see a bit more in depth Insights. It is really hard to say what is going on behind Top X in any category.


I agree. I wish there was a way you can see what hashtags resulted in the most impressions. I think there might be a third party software you can use to address it. Correct me if I’m wrong


how could you infer that your post hits explore? the drastic change in numbers, or?


I was refreshing my post insights and seen this magic Explore column over there with 2 views which disappeared after a few minutes. I should have taken a screenshot of this moment. :blush:

For a second I thought that this post will go viral and I actually did things right… then reality caught up with me and this column has been replaced by Other.

This was the first and last time I managed to hit Explore :joy:


I found a website today which produce raports on accounts (don’t remember the name exactly, but can look in my history if you interested).

It was some sort of influencer database I think, but you could check any account you want to.

As it promised to give you a very in depth raport for free, I sign up to a free trial and checked my account. It showed you a similar breakdown as in Instagram (5 countries, 5 cities), but in my case those cities where completely different than in Instagram Insights.

Instagram claims that 4 out of 5 cities where my followers are from are in UK with London on the top, that website showed me that followers are from US, with LA occupying the top spot so not even on the same continent :blush:


Well if you get a business profile, when you post something, it shows you how many impressions you got from explore. However, sometimes, I get more impressions from hashtags than from explore


Thank you for the list of hashtags especially the not so obvious ones. Going through the list now, there are so many I would have never expected and probably continued using or used in the future without a second doubt. I am actually using hashtags less and less now. Big, legit pages almost never use hashtags …