📩 [Prices as low as $0.40/k] Send-DMs.com: MASS DMs | Prices as low as $400 for 1M DM's | Up to 30m+ per day

Are you still active? Waiting a long time for replies to my inquiry above, a few posts back. It’s been over a month. Thank you.

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Taking orders!

Waiting almost 2 months now for replies to my basic questions above, despite seller being active multiple times and posting since me asking (also asked in private messages too; no response there either). Not a good sign!

Edit: Almost three months now since asking basic questions at least twice in thread(s), sending at least one PM, and also reminding seller again in thread of basic questions still unanswered by him and still no replies despite seller being active and posting in these times (including posting after my post above, ignoring it). Other potential clients having the same problems with no replies, as seen below. No excuse for this; giving up now. Buyers beware.


Is the service still working / seller active? Havent been able to reach him, although I am interested in giving his service a chance.

Edit: Its been 2 weeks, I am assuming no?

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I assume not too; read my post above yours. Strange.

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Did he ever get back to you?

If not, did you find someone else?

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Hi all!

Happy to resume the service! Now working stronger than ever, with 30m+ capacity per day. Yes, that’s a lot, but you heard it right!

Also, prices are better than ever, as low as $0.40 per 1k/m (or $400 for 1m). We are focused mainly towards high volume, but here are the best prices on the market.

Note we have 2 types of service: One that INCLUDES scraping, and one where YOU provide the scraped userids.

DM Prices - Client provides USERID list

Name Description Price Per 1000
100k CUSTOM Send from 100k to 500k DMs $0.8
500k CUSTOM Send from 500k to 2M DMs $0.6
2M CUSTOM Send from 2M to 5M DMs $0.5
5M CUSTOM Send from 5M to 10M DMs $0.45
10M+ CUSTOM Send from 10M+ DMs $0.4

DM Prices - We do the scraping

Name Description Price Per 1000
100k Send from 100k to 500k DMs $0.9
500k Send from 500k to 2M DMs $0.7
2M Send from 2M to 5M DMs $0.6
5M Send from 5M+ $0.5

Hit me up guys!

A couple of notes about the service:

  • The inbox rate is still 99%. We’ve worked hard to make this happen.

  • The DMs to trigger a push notification to the recipient.

Service strong!

Taking orders!

Do you have new results? I want to do it, do you help pick the target accounts to market to and DM? Or is that up to me?

It’s the same as always, only thing that’s new is the price.

“Not dead” bump

Taking orders!

Taking orders!

taking orders!

Taking orders!!