Promoting a Restaurant on IG

You can also do shoutouts from related Instagram pages in recipes/food niche.

I have a giveaway system coming soon, allows your to grow all your socials, ask for referals/reviews, and get emails → all through one landing page.

You can giveaway weekly free dinners or giftcards and people will go crazy.

shoutout work extremely good in this case, promoting restaurant, bars, hotels, public places in general especially if you can get the page to talk a bit about your restaurant and how good it is.

it means following users that posted from within your city but the second method that you mentioned work great as well you should try that and see how it goes

I’ve just started my virtual restaurant aswell. It’s been a journey but i’ve learnt that food entrepreneurs do not share insights so thank you for sharing.
I would love to learn more about your experiences? Let’s connect if possible!

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Congrats @Lannister ! Sure thing. Ask away, send me a PM.