ProxyGuys Proxies experiences? How many accounts can be run on one 4g proxy?

I wanted to give people a run down on what I’ve been able to find using a semi-expensive 4G LTE proxy provider. The provider is called ProxyGuys.

  • I ordered the 1 day $20 account to start my test
  • I got my credentials to the portal that they use for managing what location you’re using and changing IP address
  • I basically have 25 portable Firefox browser instances on my computer

So how it works is you get access to a portal with many different 4G locations. I’ve extensively checked each location for leaks and if I’m detected as a proxy. One thing that I noticed is that it seemed it was always detecting Linux. But I think because the modem is running Linux that they use it shows that which isn’t really a deal breaker.
I then connected to a location and then opened 5 portable browsers which each one has a different IG account loaded in it. I use the Firefox browser extension to get the proxy connection. I then do my posts, likes, story watches on each of the accounts. Then I choose the change IP button and change to the next IP in the same location. Open my next 5 browsers and do my posts, likes, story watches on those ones. Then repeat again until I’ve done all of them.
After that all worked with no issues I think purchased the weekly plan so I could save some money. So far after 6 weeks of testing I’ve even used GramCreator bot to create some proxies (GramCreator has a couple files he can send you that will auto change the IP on ProxyGuys using their API) I’ve created 100 different IG accounts with no problems.
Hope this helps some people. I’m going to try and also test using a few other proxy providers.

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$300 per month seems a bit pricey. I don’t think they have such an extraordinary solutions that they can ask that much for just 1 proxy.
Anyway, give it a try and test them longer to make some conclusions

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I’ll let you know. I think what it is that makes it good is the amount of IP’s and the quality of them not being hammered by bots. Possibly.

I don’t know what others experiences are, but I have trouble with more than 2 accounts on my home IP, for whatever it’s worth.

I think that’s because it’s residential IP. I think you would be better off using mobile IP’s.

for mobile ip does actions on 1 account get affected if another one in the same proxy get a block ?

ProxyGuys is a fantastic service. Great service and great owners.

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$300/month isn’t just for 1 IP or 1 Proxy. It’s access to multiple locations and millions of IP’s between them so I see the value.

If you buy at that price only god can help you :smiley:

If you are willing to unecessarly pay this amount of money, there is much better providers for the same amount of cash invested into a “proxy”. Is there a specific reason you went with that offer?

Because it worked, and other providers haven’t worked well. I’ve utilized the proxy for other things as well.

How much GB are you using monthly? Maybe I can recommend you something cheaper that will also fit your US needs.

50-80gb per month. Want to be able to change locations, and IP’s on demand. Would be wonderful if it’s all within the portal.

They should have smaller packages. $300 is really high for most.

They just added 9 more locations and the new locations seem to be working well for Instagram. I got the single location plan and it’s working awesome.

And now this reads like advertising. Also bumping 11 months later isn’t that helpful either.


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