PV accounts using sims with cheap solutions

Just bought a bunch of stuff from Aliexpress.

Not really an issue swapping in/out sim using my old iphone. Just wanna play around with alternatives. If you guys wanna PV your stuff with sim, just use your trusty phone. I see some people got confused and don’t know how it works, really, just use your phone. Or find any old phone, i’m 100% sure you will have at least 1 lying around somewhere.

It’s just really annoying, so once you scale up you’ll probably wanna buy some of these:

Initially, i thought of going for the GSM GOIP + Sim bank. But that’s expensive and i don’t know if it’ll work, so i bought these instead.

  • neoway m590 gsm module
  • dual sim “old man” phone
  • bunch of arduino kits
  • sim cutter
  • sim adapter

Total cost for the whole project - $35

I’ll post up more details when the stuff arrives, like, in a month. :sweat_smile:

Here, i’ll list out the basic concept.

Method #1 - The tiny GSM module called m590

Instead of a 3g usb dongle that would have cost at least $30, this one does the same thing.

The back of the board is where the sim card sits. The USB connects to the PC and I will be using it to send and receive SMS.

Method #2 - The dual sim old man phone

Pretty self explanatory. Dual sim, i can buy a bunch of these.



I used Xiaomi phone, no need unplugging battery when insert sim card. The phone have Dual sim. And Sometimes used for 3G/4G IP’s for create Instagram account (hotspot).

Looks interesting @dddd let us go how it goes in a month or two :smiley:

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I love this post.
Love it!

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Yeah. Most android phones now support dual sim. Which is where method #1 comes in as alternative.

Depending on how it works, or maybe a way to cough up a multi relay module, it might work even better than swapping sims

Method #2 is all about buying cheap phones to use. I found some that doesn’t need to remove the batt. I can buy a bunch of these and keep the sim in as long as it is alive. Though keeping them active and charged up is probably a nightmare.

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I love the idea of Method #1 - The tiny GSM module called m590

Please let me know how it works. Does it come with a software to send and receive the texts?

My mind just took this method to the next level. :smiley:

  1. I will buy 1000 SIM card bays, to place each of my sims into.

  2. I will buy 1000 on/off buttons

  3. I will solder all of them to a board which is then connected to the sim card contacts on the m590 module.

  4. I will then stick all of it into a enclosure.

Now all I have to do is click the button beside the SIM that I want to use, request the PV code, receive the PV code, enter it into IG, click the next button beside the next SIM that I want to use and repeat the process. I will have lables on each button so I know which sim is assigned to which account.

Basically creating THIS, however a shit ton cheaper, smaller, and can use an unlimited amount of SIMS unlike that device which can add a max of 32.

  • Each red dot is a button
  • Each black line is a sim card slot
  • The wire is a USB
  • It will also have an female USB in the box to daisy chain more Brandons SIM Bay’s


  1. Click a red button to turn on that SIM
  2. Enter the number into IG PV
  3. Check computer for SMS code
  4. Click the red button to turn off that SIM
    Repeat the process :smiley:

Yes, that’s essentially my plan. Although, i bought the cheat version which is presoldered. It cost $4 compared to $1.7 for non soldered ver.

But, there are a ton of things to consider, like attaching the USB cable to each device and also getting a multiport hub to connect to PC, which when i added it, the cost went back to be roughly about the same as you would buying the sim bank. :laughing:

If you can solder them in a daisy chain and feed them with power without having a bunch of cables, you might be able to reduce some cost here and there. Truth be told, i failed my highschool ciriculam class soldering. I never got the LED to work !

Edit: Bloody hell @BrandonBerner, you just made the vision i had into a piece of art.

Get 5 of these and join me in the party, it might have just arrive in the same time frame.


For just $2.3 extra it sure beats the time soldering it yourself :smiley:

I totally understand where you are coming from. With my method all you need is 1 m590, 1 usb, and the Brandon’s SIM Bay box. basically, when a button is pressed, it acts like placing a sim into the m590. Only one sim will work at a time unlike the device HERE which will work with 32 SIMS at the same time which is not needed. Using this method, you wont have to constantly add and remove each sim into the m590. Besides that it offers no other benefits.

$100 - 1,000 SIM Card Trays
$50 - 1,000 buttons

$4 - M590
$0 - USB I have hundreds

Grand Total: $154

Bahahaha! Nice work! :smiley:

TADA! Haha. its going to be one hell of a party :smiley:


Haha, well in theory it works. But i’m not sure how you can hook up the sim tray to the gsm module separately.

The module needs to be soldered with the sim tray in a single PCB. That’s how the PCB works. If you need to daisy chain it, then you would probably need a custom made PCB that can feed all of the sim tray with individual kill switch.

Oh my brain.

First off, sorry for the horrible lines everywhere. Basically when the button is on , the circuit from the additional SIM card tray goes through the button, and makes contact with the SIM contacts on the M590. When the button is turned off, the circuit between the button and the SIM car tray is broken and therefor the M590 acts as if there is only one SIM connected to it at a time. Basically all that the Branson’s SIM Bay does is replace the on board SIM tray, and works by enabling one connection at a time between each and every sim.

Interesting concept. Never thought it can be done this way. I searched for a long time for someone on the net who have done the multi sim gateway and no results.

You’ll probably be the first one.

If this works, it means my initial projection to get x amount of full m590 board will be cut down to way less.

Cheers :smiley:

Well, looks like I have to go and see if I can make a small version first. Ill be sure to share my experience.

I actually just though of an even more basic way. Instead of having switches, all SIMS would have a direct connection to the M590. Then on the Brandons SIM Bay pull out all the sims slightly so they do not make a connection. Then simply push one in all the way, access the SMS, pull it out a bit, push a new SIM in all the way and so on. If I just create a little handle for each sim, it would be just as efficient as having buttons.You would just have to be careful not to have 2 sims pushed in at the same time.

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sounds awesome :slight_smile:

Yeah, This looks really interesting, but definitely too large of scale for me right now. Can’t Wait to see the results from @dddd and @BrandonBerner im sure you guys will make something beautiful!

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Your thread is interesting and I’m an electronics hacker but I have a question. What does PV stand for? I’m not a social media whiz (I am backend electronics and design) so the uses for this type of system are not apparent to me.

If you’re familiar with electronics, arduino etc, then it will be quite helpful with my project. I have zero idea how to make it work in real life. Seen a few videos about it and that’s all.

PV just means phone verify. All social media accounts are tied with a phone number.

I bet i have a bunch of stuff missing that would actually make it work smoothly and now i have to buy more stuff. Like voltage regulator, step down converter, capacitor, etc.

I don’t really do arduino although I have a Romeo sitting in a box behind (robotics project) me and use atmega ucontrollers coded by others in various task oriented controllers (I just don’t like coding that much).

Do you have a schematic or system level spec for what you are trying to do? Is there a webpage or video of what it is? I can lend some advice as my time permits.

Out of curiosity, why does somebody need to be able to PV 10’s or 100’s of accounts? I don’t do too much social media so I don’t understand what the “gain” is for having 100’s of social media accounts.

That’s a good question. The reason is because of scale. Each account needs to have 1 sim tied to it, so if one person have 100 accounts, they would need 100 sim cards.

And then, each time there’s a roadblock, a sms will come and without such a system, we would then need to swap out the sim cards. So imagine having 100 accounts, and every day there are 100 sms.

The schematics, is as what is highlighted by @BrandonBerner somewhere up the thread. What i wanted to do was to get the full board according to how many sims i have. But he mentions there’s no need to.

ooO Very good to have someone like you here!

@jeffajeffa I would love to hear you view on whether or not my idea of setting up the Brandons SIM Bay is on point, or if I am missing something important if you have any spare time.

OK, got the general idea. I’ll look at it later as busy on setting MP up on my Mac using an emulator (I think the current technospeak is VM but I’m old school :). It’s probably in the thread but are you looking to scan the 100 sims or just activate a specific one when a request comes in to PV?

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